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24Hrs After Anti-Trump Alec Baldwin Says Melania Loves Him, She Gives Him What He Deserves

Big boy Alec Baldwin is directing his latest grimacing act of anti-Trumpism towards Melania and going after her with a bitter tongue and wild accusations. The 60-year-old actor was talking with Howard Stern on his satellite radio show talking about how the 48-year-old first lady loves his impersonation of her husband, President Donald Trump. Many find Baldwin’s impersonations humorous and that’s OK because comedy is subjective and people are allowed to like and dislike whatever they want. However, Baldwin took his act a step further to suggest that Melania is all about him and it seems like he’s really just trying to flirt with her.

Humor and comedy acts are funny to some, not funny to others, and some people simply do not care. That part of comedy is normal, but for an actor to make bold claims that a woman is all about him seems like Baldwin is trying to thrust himself into the spotlight by negging the first lady and making it seem like she’s all for his act. She may have laughed, she may not of – but Baldwin was shot down either way. Melania didn’t have to shut him down herself because her spokesperson took care of it for her. Melania has people working with her who handle the “light work” such as Alec Baldwin. It was the spokesperson who blasted back saying Baldwin was just trying to “make himself relevant.” Surely he’s a little bit relevant, but his Donald Trump impersonations have grown a bit tired and people are likely suffering a hangover from seeing it too much on Saturday Night Live. There’s only so many times one can do the same act before it becomes boring. Baldwin may have hit that plateau and now his cheeky claims about Melania could be him just trying to keep his name in the headlines. It’s working, but it’s not exactly in his favor.

People provided this info regarding the situation:
“In an interview with Howard Stern on Monday, Baldwin, 60, said he’s heard from more than one person that Mrs. Trump, 48, “loves” his frequent lampooning of the president on Saturday Night Live.

“More than one person, now a second person has come to us and said, ‘Yeah, it’s true,’ ” Baldwin said. “She watched SNL. She watched it online and she laughed and she said ‘That’s him. That’s him!’ ”

But Mrs. Trump’s spokesperson, Stephanie Grisham, shot down Baldwin’s claim as another attempt to “make himself relevant.”

“As I said back in November when he first said this, that is not true, which is why Mr. Baldwin has no actual names to corroborate his bizarre assertion,” Grisham tells PEOPLE. “I give him credit for trying though, eight months later and he’s still trying make himself relevant by using her name.”

Baldwin says he’s heard otherwise from “two very powerful people in Washington.” And in his mind, it makes sense that the first lady would enjoy a good dig at her husband.

“How could it be otherwise?” Baldwin said. “His wife must be — my wife is on to me more than anybody, no one gives it to me like my wife. She gives it to me, she kicks me in the balls like you wouldn’t believe.”

He added that the first lady “must know what a maniac [Trump] is and what a weird guy he is.”

SNL‘s Cecily Strong told Andy Cohen in February that she’s also heard that the first lady “likes the show and likes Alec doing Trump.”

Baldwin first called Mrs. Trump a fan on The Brian Lehrer Show last November, saying her husband was “horrified and beside himself” that she liked the impression.

“Someone told me, who is friends with someone in the White House, or formerly in the White House, that Melania Trump loves SNL and she loves my impersonation,” Baldwin said at the time.

Grisham also denied Baldwin’s claim then.

Baldwin, who’s been an outspoken critic of Trump throughout his presidency, won an Emmy for his portrayal of the president on SNL.

He also told Stern on Tuesday that he would win if he ran for president against Trump in 2020.

“Hands down, I would win. It would be the funniest, most exciting, craziest campaign,” Baldwin said.

The actor added that he isn’t really planning to run, but he is optimistic that a “great” politician will take office in 2020.”

Baldwin’s Howard Stern interview seems like it had a ton of driveling nonsense. He seemed like he couldn’t stop talking about the Trump family. Is there anything else going on in Alec Baldwin’s life that’s worth mentioning? He’s been in a lot of movies, but many might consider his last best movie was The Departed back in 2006.

What’s next for Alec Baldwin? Will he just have small roles on television shows? Will he star in a movie that gets a decent rating?

Will he continue badgering the Trump family? Is Alec Baldwin bored with his life?

Write your answers below and share with a friend who likes Alec Baldwin. Share with someone who loves Melania Trump too!


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