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6 Staffers Escorted From White House After Their Sick ‘High Risk’ Threat Was Discovered

The White House was rocked with controversy this week after the truth about six staffers came out along with the one horrifying thing they all had in common which they had been hiding since they were each hired. Now the President’s office is on high alert for good reason after six staffers were just escorted off the premises and concern over the damage that’s potentially been done is now under investigation.

It’s no easy task to get on staff in a “high-risk” position in the White House, working for and around the most powerful man in the world. Of increased concern, is that President Trump is one of the most controversial Commander-in-Chiefs our country has ever had. He walks around every second of every day with a target on his back from lunatic leftists, which leaves the nation to wonder who these six particular staffers were given top clearance when they should never have been on the property in the first place.

Somehow, these six workers surpassed all the red tape of top government clearance to get into their positions at the White House and when these background checks were completed retroactively, they all revealed something terrifying. All of those who were investigated had “problems with their SF86 application, the ‘Questionnaire for National Security Positions’,” meaning, the failed the background checks after working there for weeks, Western Journalism reported.

This means that this crucial background check, which is an extensive 127-page document that includes questions on the applicant’s credit score, medical records, employment history, family history, substance use and other personal subjects, was never conducted. Essentially, these people could have been anyone with ties to any damning thing but worked daily around the president without anyone really knowing who they were.

Trump’s director of scheduling and the daughter of his Florida campaign manager, Caroline Wiles, is one of the staffers who was escorted from the White House. However, she apparently knew it was coming since she resigned before from her position, which seemingly saved her career since she’s now being reappointed to the Treasury Department, presumably after completion of the background check, sources told Politico.

Trump’s detractors immediately used this to slander him and his capabilities as the leader. However, they are quick to forget that just last week is was discovered that Barack Obama had put traitors and terrorists, including Muslim spy ring in place that put American’s information and lives at risk. While this staff situation was an alarming oversight, the people in these positions were nowhere near as dangerous as those on the former staff, including Obama himself who left the White House without a lot a background questions of his own being answered.


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