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After Months Of Rumors, Melania Makes Game-Changing Announcement – Do You Support Her?

It seems like the First Lady, Melania Trump, cannot catch a break right now. She is no stranger to the negativity of the media and the left but it seems like the attacks are only getting worse. Recently, she was attacked because of a message that was on her jacket and people are twisting the story to turn her into a horrible person. The ironic thing is that the message was geared toward all of the mainstream media outlets who continue to report fake news about her and her family.

This was one of her first appearances after recently, undergoing kidney surgery. She couldn’t even recover from her surgery without mainstream media attacking her and her situation while making one assumption after the next as to the real reason for her surgery. The first lady spent a few days in the hospital to recover and now she is back and out there to show everyone she means business.

Even though Melania has had a lot of unnecessary negativity surrounding her lately she is once again proving to all of the haters out there what is important to her and their negativity won’t stop her mission.

On a recent visit to Tyson, VA, WKRG News reported that Melania Trump is telling a youth conference that kindness, compassion, and positivity are important traits in life.

The first lady says that participants attending Sunday’s Students Against Destructive Decision national conference outside Washington have the power to be the “positive force” in people’s lives. She’s urging them to show each other respect, treat their communities like family, and have each other’s backs.

The group SADD was founded in 1981 as Students Against Drunk Driving but changed its name and mission in the late 1990s to highlight prevention of all behaviors and attitudes that are harmful to young people. That includes substance abuse, traffic safety and personal health and safety.

Mrs. Trump recently unveiled a campaign called “Be Best” that’s about helping children to be their best selves.

Melania is always being attacked by the left, yet she still maintains the 2 things that are most important to her. Maybe her detractors should take note and learn from that.

Kindness, compassion, and positivity are missing from a lot of people in this world and maybe if more people would take her messages seriously and implement it into their daily lives they wouldn’t be such miserable people.


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