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Angry Obese Comedienne DEMANDS Company Take Down Ad – So They Take Something From Her

Sometimes the truth hurts. It seems like nowadays someone is always offended by something and everyone has to be aware of what they say and do in order to not offend anyone. Recently an advertisement came out and some people are so offended by it and one person is even trying to have the company take down the ad.
The company is standing by their ad regardless of who it offends, especially when it came to comedienne Sofie Hagen who didn’t find it funny.

According to BreitbartThe advertisement, from the medical research organization Cancer Research UK, highlighted the link between cancer and obesity.

“OB_S__Y is a cause of cancer,” the ad read. The organization was referencing a number of studies that showed that obesity can lead to a number of cancers as well as other issues.

“Right, is anyone currently working on getting this piece of shit CancerResearchUK advert removed from everywhere? Is there something I can sign? How the fucking fuck is this okay?” Hagen wrote.“What your campaign is doing is so incredibly damaging, that I can’t even begin to describe it in only 280 characters. There are many people who have tweeted me their articles about it, try reading those. There is no excuse for you to have this campaign up,” Hagen added in a follow-up tweet.

“And you can absolutely go away in terms of trying to excuse it. Society viewing fatness as a negative thing is a thing that kills more than the cancer that you MIGHT get due to MAYBE something to do with you POSSIBLY weighing MORE than a CERTAIN weight POSSIBLY MAYBE,” she continued.

Hagen finished her rant by arguing that dieting is the worst thing a human can do to their body.

“DIETING has been proved TIME AND TIME again to be one of the worst things you can do to your body. Your campaign is so damaging and fat-shaming and I really hope it gets taken down,” she said. 

The organization responded directly to Hagen’s tweet. “After smoking, obesity is the second biggest cause [of cancer]. It is our duty to inform people about this and lobby the government on policies which will help us all to keep a healthy weight,” they wrote.

On Friday, Hagen was still tweeting about her exchange with the cancer research organization. Hagen said that she refuses to believe that obesity can lead to health issues such as cancer.

“…I am not buying into fat being unhealthy – it’s not inherently unhealthy and even if it was, fat people can do whatever the fuck they want with their health – but if I did pretend to accept that, your arguments are still fucked up,” she wrote.Just this week, Johns Hopkins University hosted a guest speaker who argued that humans can be healthy at literately any body weight. 

It’s a fact that obesity does increase your overall risk for cancer just like cigarettes do and other lifestyle factors. Smokers aren’t screaming about the constant warnings and reminders on signs, commercials, and every box of cigarettes about the risk it is to cancer. It’s an unfortunate reality for some to face that their habits or weight could be more problematic than just not looking good in skinny jeans. Instead of backing down to Hagen’s demand for removal, the company took that power from her, recognizing what’s more important than her complaint.

This could be an important wake-up call for that person who sees the sign and it helps them make the lifestyle change that they need. This comedienne’s choice to be offended shouldn’t outweigh the potentially life-saving message that could help someone willing and ready to do what it takes to live longer and have a healthier lifestyle. Hagen would rather complain about a sign than do something about her weight, passing blame on something else she feels is easier to control.


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