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Applebees Giving Every American BIG Surprise This Month After 20 Companies Cut Ties With NRA

It’s been the major trend over the past week or so for large companies who once had a partnership with the National Rifle Association to cut ties with the NRA and end a nominal discount program they offered to its members. The grandstanding approach to appease the anti-gun left didn’t bode well for these companies who publicly declared their separation from the NRA, especially Delta Airlines who seemed to suffer the worst of the backlash.

While the list of businesses increases despite the devastating backlash, major American restaurant chain Applebees has conjured up a unique idea. The company has decided to do something for every American across the country that will go on for the entire month of March. Sometimes, it’s the small things that can make the biggest difference and it’s refreshing to see a company wanting to do their little part to bring people in our nation back together again. Some people probably won’t like their approach and refuse to participate, which is certainly their prerogative.

Thanks to President Donald Trump, America’s economy is better than ever, hard workers have gotten pay raises and/or bonuses, and people are seeing more on their tax return check than they have in years. These financial bonuses have gone to many Americans regardless of political party or support of our president, who the left loves to hate, rather than thank for this. A rebounded economy means an improved way of life for a lot of people, which makes going out to dinner at all or more often a possibility.

Applebees CEO Zane Tankel who came under attack by liberals in 2012 and received threats of boycott after he announced hiring freeze over Obamacare

Applebees seems to recognize this and wants you to enjoy your time and company at their restaurant, perhaps even forgetting about politics or debates over big issues for a moment while there. As such, KIISFM reports that they’re offering vodka lemonade beverages in a big frosted mug for the deeply discounted rate of just $2 per drink! It may seem like an insignificant gesture and not one that teetotalers appreciate, but at least it’s something that a company is doing encourage people to kick back and enjoy, rather than another announcement that divides and stirs up hate.

Whether you drink or choose not to, or don’t like this particular beverage, we can probably all agree that there a lot of stress in our nation right now over issues. A $2 vodka lemonade isn’t going to solve the world’s problems, but we appreciate that Applebees didn’t insert themselves into a political debate and instead gave people a discount on something. That’s a lot better for business than isolating a good part of your customer base by choosing a side.

Note to those who like a tasty drink and partake responsibly, this is the second month that Applebees has offered a great rate on a beverage, and probably won’t be the last. For the entire month of February, Bahama Mamas were just $1. Stay tuned for what it will be in April, assuming this will be a trend of theirs, then grab your favorite drinking buddy or wingman and cheers to being American!


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