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Authorities Just Revealed Insane Information On Random Assassination Of 2 Florida Cops At Restaurant

Sheriff’s Sergeant Noel Ramirez (left) Deputy Sheriff Taylor Lindsey (right)

On April 19th two Gilchrist County sheriff deputies were shot to death as they ate their lunch together. This was just two days ago and as quickly as the attacker pulled the trigger to kill these officers, the story completely vanished from media coverage.

A random assassination of officers, why it happened, if it’s part of something bigger, and who this assailant is should be important to Americans. Afterall, the nation lost its mind when two black males were kicked out of a Starbucks last week and the outrage, while warranted, still continues this week. But where’s the outrage over two cops killed in cold blood in the middle of the day at a different restaurant?

Authorities have just revealed some insane information about this case that could answer this question and more.

The cold calculated murder of these two heroes in blue is unimaginable. It’s been reported that there seemed to be no motive for what happened on Thursday, but Gilchrist County Sheriff Bobby Schultz said he knows what caused it and he’s livid.

Yesterday, new information was reported by Blue Lives Matter:

Two Gilchrist County deputies were murdered as they ate lunch in a Chinese restaurant on Thursday afternoon.

Trenton, FL – Two Gilchrist County sheriff’s deputies were murdered as shared a meal in a Chinese restaurant in Trenton on Thursday afternoon.

Police said that Gilchrist County Sheriff’s Sergeant Noel Ramirez and Gilchrist County Deputy Sheriff Taylor Lindsey were eating lunch at about 3 p.m. on April 19.

It was initially reported that the suspect shot the deputies through the restaurant window, but investigators now say that John Hubert Highnote walked into the Ace China restaurant and fatally shot both deputies from inside, CNN reported.

Both deputies died at the scene, police said.

After he murdered the deputies in cold blood, Highnote returned to his vehicle where police believe he shot himself, authorities said.

He was found deceased in his vehicle by deputies who responded to the scene, FOX News reported.

Police have not found a motive for the senseless murders, but Gilchrist County Sheriff Bobby Schultz blamed the anti-police hatred that has raged across the United States.

“What do you expect happens when you demonize law enforcement to the extent it’s been demonized? Every type of hate, every type of put-down you can think of,” Sheriff Schultz asked at a press conference on Thursday.

If true that is was the anti-police hate alone that became prolific during Barack Obama’s administration, it’s easy to see why there’s been an avoidance of the incident in the media. The motive doesn’t fit their narrative, in fact, it disproves what they’ve pushed for years about police brutality on black citizens. That narrative may have led to this senseless act if Schultz’s assumption is correct.

There was no way to profile 59-year-old Highnote as a threat since he’s seeming as average as they come with practically no criminal history.

“Highnote, 59, was a resident of nearby Bell in Gilchrist County, who police said at Friday’s press conference had not had any prior interaction with the Gilchrist County Sheriff’s Office,” The New York Times reported. “He lived about 10 miles from the Ace China restaurant.”

“His only offense in the Gilchrist County records was a traffic ticket for an improper turn in 2012, according to Heavy.

The Sheriff wants attention on these two heroes killed in the line of duty who are not getting the airtime and honor that suspects killed by cops in the line of duty get.

“They were men of integrity, men of loyalty. They were God-fearing, and they loved what they did, and we are very proud of them,” he said.

“They don’t need to be remembered strictly for their untimely death but they need to be remembered for the type of people that they are. And that’s good individuals, good deputy sheriffs,” the sheriff added.

Blue Lives Matter reported: “Sheriff Schultz called Highnote a ‘coward,’ and said ‘the only thing these men were guilty of is wanting to protect you and me. They just wanted to get something to eat, and they just wanted to do their job.’”

Horrified by this incident, President Donald Trump found the incident important and took the time to express his condolences to the heroes:

Sgt. Ramirez, 29, had been with the Gilchrist County Sheriff’s Office for seven years, and was survived by a wife and two small children.

Deputy Lindsey, 25, was a two-year veteran of the sheriff’s department. He was unmarried but had a girlfriend, according to The New York Times.

This is a heartbreaking story that should be on the cover of every publication in America. But why has the story gone cold? This senseless murder took place two days ago.  It’s not part of the mainstream media agenda to keep stories like this in the news.

These two heroes were assassinated as they ate there lunch, one of them left behind two small children. We will never know the motive behind this man’s decision, but we can only assume that the hate for police is still running rampant in America.


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