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Big Dem Caught On Video Physically Abusing Woman While Calling Her Depraved Names

In the midst of a highly contentious midterm election campaign, the battle for Minnesota’s newest Attorney General just got even more heated. Political rival Rep. Debra Hillstrom (D-MN) shared a recent post accusing DNC Vice Chairman Keith Ellison (D-MN) of “domestic abuse.” The two are both vying along with six others in the upcoming election for AG in Minnesota.

Hillstrom took to Twitter calling on Ellison to “answer these allegations.”

The accusations come from the son of 44-year-old Karen Monahan, an environmental organizer with the far left Sierra Club. Karen dated Ellison at some point after his divorce in 2012 until sometime in 2016. On Saturday, her son Austin posted a lengthy letter detailing abuse he says his mother endured at the hands of Ellison.

He describes finding “over 100 text and twitters messages and video almost 2 min long” on his mother’s computer showing Ellison dragging his mother off a bed by her feet, screaming “f*cking bitch!”

Austin details what he allegedly discovered stating in part –

“My brother and I watched our mom come out of pure hell after getting out of her relationship with Keith Ellison. For several months we knew something wasn’t right and couldn’t figure it out. When we asked our mom if everything was ok, she told us she was dealing with some stress and would be ok.
In the middle of 2017, I was using my moms computer trying to download something and I clicked on a file, I found over 100 text and twitters messages and video almost 2 min long that showed Keith Ellison dragging my mama off the bed by her feet, screaming and calling her a “fucking bitch” and telling her to get the fuck out of his house. The messages I found, were mixed with him consistently telling my mom he wanted her back, he missed her, he knew he fucked up and we wished he could do things different, he would victim shaming, bully her, and threaten her if she went public. I text him and told him I know what you did to my mama and a few other things.

I met up with my mom that night and asked her what happened. She said nothing happened until I told her I saw a video and hell of a lot of messages saying something different. She finally talked. My brother and I were so angry and hurt for our mom. We were ready to go public but our mom begged us not to and she along with others convinced us it wasn’t in our moms best interest.”

karen monahan austin monahan

Austin continued –

“I saw message after message through out all that time, where my mom was telling him she wasn’t going back to him but still saw his humanity and offered restorative justice. I honestly don’t see how she would offer him that, but thats her choice.

Sitting all this time, watching what our mom went through and not being able to say or do anything was hard as hell. None of you know the hell our family has gone through. I don’t think half of you would even care. We watched her so called political friends stand by say or do nothing. People had an idea what happened and never reached out to my mom. The same people who are posting about social justice are ready to smear my mom, protect a person who abused her and broke the law. You think we give a shit about a politics when we saw what our mom went through? She may not matter to none of you, but she is our mom, our kids grandmother and she is actually someone. There is a lot more he has done to my mom and others that we saw in the text but our mom can decide if and when she wants to tell the world that part.”

He adds a stinging rebuke against Democrats, stating – “I use to believe the Democrats were the ones who would stand by a person who went through this kind of abuse, now I know both Democrats and Republicans could care less when it comes to violence toward women and girls.”

Please read, if you care about my mother please share.I love you momma, you wont have to stand…

Posted by Austin Aslim Monahan on Saturday, August 11, 2018

Ellison is a father of four and serving his sixth term in Congress. He was named deputy chairman of the DNC in 2017. The party’s current chairman, Tom Perez, has offered no comment regarding the accusations levied against Ellison.

Ellison issued a statement in response to the accusations late Sunday evening stating – “Karen and I were in a long-term relationship which ended in 2016, and I still care deeply for her well-being. This video does not exist because I never behaved in this way, and any characterization otherwise is false.”

Karen then tweeted in response, her support for her son’s claims on Sunday afternoon, stating – “What my son said is true. Every statement he made was true. …(Keith Ellison) you know you did that to me. I have given every opportunity to get help and heal. Even now, u r willing to say my son is lying and have me continue to leak more text and info just so others will believe him for you to get help and heal. Told u that would be what I would could consider a Just ending to this hell my family and I have been through. I said that the night before u announced ur run 4 AG.”

She also released a lengthy statement detailing her accusations that you can read here. In the statement, she outlines what she calls Ellison’s “narcissist abuse” of her during their relationship and makes other accusations about what occurred during their relationship.

Ellison’s ex-wife, Kim Ellison also released a statement in response to the accusations levied against Ellison, stating – “We may be divorced, but we are still a family. I want members of our community to know that the behavior described does not match the character of the Keith I know.”

Austin then told the Star Tribune – “I only know what I saw and I know what’s true. It was my job to stand up for my mother. I have no reason to tear down this man.” He told the newspaper he does not have the video that he saw in 2017.


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