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Big NFL Star Suspended For ‘Aggressive’ Language To Media – Here’s What Started It

Over the past few years, NFL players have become more and more disrespectful and there are no signs of it stopping anytime soon.

Since the point when some players decided to kneel during the National Anthem, things have spiraled out of control. Their choice to act disrespectful, has displayed a loathing of America, the police, the military and our freedoms, almost put them out of business.

Many have been told that if they kneel during the National Anthem they will face consequences but unfortunately, it has not stopped some. Now, many players in the NFL feel like they have the power to get away with anything that they want but they are learning the hard way that is not the case.

The question is, Why do we let NFL players get away with things like this?

According to Daily Wire, Donald Trump isn’t the only person who’s declared “war” on the media.

The Jacksonville Jaguars have suspended cornerback Jalen Ramsey for one week after some overly “aggressive” language to the local media over reporting on a practice-day scuffle between Ramsey’s teammates Dante Fowler Jr and Yannick Ngakoue.

NFL Network’s Ian Rapaport reports that his sources say the famously fiery Ramsey was suspended for “going after local media for what he believes is unfair treatment of his teammates especially Dante Fowler.” Ramsey “authored several tweets in support of his teammates & disdain for local media.”

Yahoo Sports’ Jack Baer notes that while there may have been more tweets Ramsey opted to delete, among the over-the-line tweets appears to be the following post threatening “war” to Florida Times-Union reporter Phillip Heilman:

@phillip_heilman you know you done messed up right? Lol if y’all want war, we got sum for y’all. & Iknow the rest of y’all (you know who you are) gone read this too so just know #LameAssReporters

Heilman also noted the skirmish in his daily Jaguars training camp report, noting that Ramsey also got involved.

“It’s clear that after 11 consecutive practices in full pads, the Jaguars are getting antsy,” wrote Heilman. “During 11-on-11 drills, TE O’Shaughnessy caught a pass near the sideline where the defense was standing. In a matter of seconds, DE Dante Fowler shoved O’Shaughnessy that also included involvement from Ramsey. After practice, defensive ends Yannick Ngakoue and Fowler had to be separated repeatedly by teammates.”

This isn’t Fowler’s first time being in trouble with the NFL. The defensive is already scheduled to miss the opening game due to an incident back in 2017 when he was arrested and subsequent plea deal involving battery, criminal mischief, and petty theft charges.

He has also been involved in other teammate altercations during training camps back in 2016.


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