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BREAKING: 1 Week After Trump Pleaded For Prayers, He Got Unfathomable News

President Donald Trump found himself in an extremely heartbreaking situation and did what he had to do in that vulnerable moment and asked for prayer. Incredibly, he wasn’t asking for himself, he was doing on behalf of someone else who needed all the prayers and help from God she could get. He also did this amidst an exceptionally busy time of year for him. He dropped everything to personally come to this very special person’s side and give her all of his support and attention, before calling on Americans to also pray.

There’s a major reason much of the country didn’t hear about this when it took place recently, but now everyone needs to know what’s happened one week later.

If there is anything that would remotely show praise from President Trump or would seemingly support Christianity, the mainstream media revolts against reporting on it. They are intent on only spreading hate for our president and flipping the script on anything positive he does for a single person or the entire country. The plan is to always perpetuate a divisive vibe throughout America despite all the incredible ways Trump has improved the U.S. in his first year in office. However, with only God’s timing, at the conclusion of his successful first quarter of his term, he just proved in an incredible way that the citizens of this nation put the right man in the White House.

Until a week ago, Trump didn’t know who Sophia Marie Campa-Peters of Brownfield, Texas was. However, now, she will forever be a part of his life as will he be in hers.

At just nine-years-old, Sophia suffers from a devastating brain condition that causes her to have frequent strokes. Sophia’s story was detailed in The Brownfield News where her mother Karyn described Sophia’s condition that caused four massive strokes at the age of six, leaving her partially paralyzed – “Sophia had a major stroke at age six which left her paralyzed on her left side.

The doctors felt like the damage done by the stroke was irreversible. But, three years later, Sophia is able to move and feed herself and live an almost normal life. The doctors were amazed, but Sophia was unimpressed. Her mother stated, “Sophia just says, ‘God healed me.’” Sophia believes in prayer. She is convinced that prayer works because she has seen it working in her own life.”

In preparation for her upcoming surgery in Boston, Sophia asked believing in the power of prayer, that people pray for her in her own words, wants people to pray. Her mother explained – “Sophia wants everyone around to pray, pray, pray….so much so that God will say, ‘Alright people! Alright! I hear you!’” From here a movement was born as Sophia’s brother encouraged Karyn to go global with Sophia’s message for prayer.

As a result, President Trump chose to weigh in to encourage the little girl to “keep fighting, to never give up, keep inspiring us all, and never ever lose faith in God, with him all things are possible.” The press briefing was an emotional one, with Sanders herself visibly moved to tears as she spoke of Sophia and her brave battle with the disease before passing on a message from the president himself, asking for the nation to pray for this little girl.


Now, a week later, Trump and Sophia have learned the result of him calling on the nation to pray for her.

The Daily Mail reports that this little fighter, with the help from the president, the nation praying, and God, has defied odds and is made an “amazing” recovery, her father was happy to share.

“Sophia Marie Campa-Peters of Brownfield, Texas underwent surgery on Friday at Boston Children’s Hospital and her father says she’s been exceeding expectations ever since coming out of the operating room.”

These are the kinds of miracles that can happen when you have a man of God in office, leading our Christian nation into greatness. His success we’ve all enjoyed hasn’t just been because of his hard work, he’s surrounded by angel armies who are helping him make America great again. It’s a remarkable contrast from the president before him, who seemingly did any and all he could that was counter to America and her values.

Faith is strong in our First Family, as Trump wasn’t the only one to assist in divine intervention. Melania Trump is well known for her volunteer work at children’s hospitals around the world. When she was in Rome, she asked if she could pray for a little boy struggling. She later learned that he too had made a miraculous recovery.

We are so fortunate to have a First Lady of faith in the White House who uses her trust and belief in God to bless others and a President who isn’t afraid to show his faith and use it in office.


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