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Although Jacqueline Kent Cooke comes from a family with their hands in the NFL, one might confuse her to have grown up in the wrestling ring as she has a mean right hook! Jacqueline, 29, is the daughter of the late Jack Kent Cooke, former owner of the Washington Redskins and has just proven that money doesn’t buy you class.

It was New Years Eve and the scrappy young blonde was having dinner at the sophisticated Italian restaurant know as Caravaggios in NYC. California Lawyer, Matthew Haberkorn, was also attending dinner here. After the meal, when the group was leaving, Cooke was impatiently waiting in the coat check line because yes, it was the kind of restaurant with a coat check. Haberkorn’s mother, 77, happened to be in front of Cooke in line. Apparently, Jackqueline Cooke’s time is very precious and she was growing antsy when she allegedly said something like, “hurry up, Jew!

Matthew Haberkorn was in the restroom when this all took place but once he heard of the anti-semitic utterance, he escorted Cooke outside to talk about it. Meanwhile, as reported by Fox News, Cooke’s childish boyfriend decided to add to the chaos by teasing Haberkorn’s daughters saying, “Happy Bat Mitzvah, girls.”

Tension began to rise outside the restaurant when the entitled Cinderella wannabe clobbered the famous personal injury attorney in the face with her glass clutch. Oh, the Irony! “A video obtained by TMZ shows the aftermath of the alleged strike, Hollywood Life reports. “She just f*cking hit me,” Matthew says in the clip. “You called me a f*cking bitch. You caleld me a c*nt,” Jaqueline responds. “You called me a f*cking Jew,” Matt snaps back.”

The Daily Mail reported that Haberkorn’s daughter caught the altercation on tape -great attorney in training! As any good lawyer, he made sure to take a picture of his blood streaked face.

The shocking video shows Jacqueline stumbling about trying to get up and walk away suggesting she may have been intoxicated. This would be of no surprise as she was previously arrested back in 2008 for drunk driving after supposedly leaving a restaurant and neglecting to pay her bill. But wait, it actually gets worse! When previously interacting with law enforcement over this episode, she allegedly made the famous arrogant remark, “Do you know who I am?!” then apparently mooned and flipped off the police officer upon getting back in her car. Yikes!

It wasn’t until a couple days later on Wednesday, January 3rd that Jacqueline Kent Cooke was arrested and detained. Haberkorn’s lawyer, Andrew T. Miltenberg, told People Magazine that Matthew plans on suing Jacqueline for both a hate crime and civil rights violation. Sources say that a reporter from the Daily News paid a visit to Cooke’s apartment on Wednesday night and she was said to be wearing pajamas and a finger splint. When being questioned about the incident, Cooke apparently lied and said she wasn’t even there and she stayed home for New Years Eve.

It is uncertain at this time whether or not she plans on hiring a lawyer. It’s no question that Jacqueline Cooke is all aboard the hot mess express! Although, I must say that owning a glass purse is so “extra,” using it as an assault weapon on the other hand is just plain savage! Happy healing, Matthew Haberkorn!

-Skyla Stone


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