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BREAKING: Deathbed Confession Of Who Killed JonBenét Finally Ends Most Scandalous Mystery In US History!

Although it has been over 20 years since that gruesome day, it feels like it was just yesterday we were all watching the news and hearing about the death of 6-year-old JonBenet Ramsey.

To this day there have been many speculations as to who brutally murdered her in her home on Christmas day back in 1996 but they have never been able to prove who the killer(s) were. Her parents were both suspects in the brutal slaying of their daughter and many assumed a confession would happen when her mother was on her deathbed back in 2006.

One Colorado woman just came forward and said that she knows what happened the night that JonBenet was killed and she has proof of who committed the crime.

Did her confession finally solve this cold case and why did she wait so long to come forward with the information that she had?

According to Radar Online, The jaw-dropping revelation comes after Radar spoke to Meyer’s wife, Charlotte Hey, who accused her late ex-husband of having a role in the 1996 Christmas murder.

“I believe my husband killed JonBenét. I knew he was capable of it,” the 85-year-old declared after decades of silence.

“When I asked him if he murdered her, he would just smile at me. He wouldn’t deny it.”

At the time of the murder, Meyer was living across the street from the Ramsey mansion in Boulder, Colo.

Meyer later built a shrine to the murdered child, using pictures and newspaper clippings, sources said.

In addition, his handwriting matched the ransom note found in the Ramsey home!

After Radar’s explosive revelation, more information surfaced about a second suspect being seen running from the Ramseys’ house — a tall, slim, white male with brown hair.

“There’s evidence two intruders committed the murder because two unidentified footprints were found at the crime scene!” said Roscoe J. Clark, founder of the online group JonBenét Investigation.

According to John, Meyer was also linked to the murder through the ransom note that was signed “SBTC.”

“Lou Smit [a former detective investigating the crime] told me there was a photo of a Navy Avenger aircraft in [Meyer’s] basement with SBTC lettering on it,” John said to Radar.

Witnesses told police about Meyer and his accomplice, but bungling cops allegedly ignored the vital tip for a year, according to Roscoe.

But that is not all.

According to In Touch, In the 20-plus years since JonBenét Ramsey was senselessly killed at just six years old, true crime fans everywhere poured over the evidence, trying their best to find any shred of evidence that could explain who was responsible for this senseless crime — with some people suspecting it was her parents, and others pointing their fingers at the possibility of an intruder. For years, people pointed to the ransom note as “proof” that her murder was an accident, later covered up by her parents — but new evidence unearthed suggests that new suspect, Glenn Meyer, could have written the ransom note.

According to Radar Online, Meyer — who has since passed away — was interviewed at the time in relation to the pint-sized beauty queen’s death. Fans first urged authorities to exhume Meyer’s body after his wife came forward, admitting that she believed her late husband was responsible for the murder. Since then, forensic experts have compared the handwriting on public record documents to the ransom note, and the one expert claims that the handwriting is a “perfect match.” Roscoe Clark tells the site, “Meyer had a unique writing style that’s consistent with the ransom note — making it highly likely he wrote it.”

As In Touch previously reported, the ransom note is often named as a piece of evidence that suggests that JonBenét’s parents — Patsy and John — were responsible for her death. The note was found in the kitchen of their Boulder, CO home, written on stationary found in the house. The fact that it was written inside the house — and the fact that it was “unusually long” had many experts suspecting that one of the Ramseys wrote the note themselves. Adding to this argument was the fact that the ransom note seemed to mimic ransom notes seen in Speed *and *Ransom, prompting even more people to believe it wasn’t the work of a professional.

This theory was only further backed up by the amount demanded in the note — $118,000 to be paid for in $100 bills up to $100,000 and the remaining balance to be paid in $20s. While the number may seem arbitrary, it was later revealed that the total was just slightly more than John Ramsey took home that year as a Christmas bonus — prompting many to believe that it was written by someone with insider knowledge of the family’s finances.

Of course, there’s another piece of evidence that suggests the ransom note may not hold all that much weight: JonBenét’s body never left her family’s home. While the note asked for the money for JB’s “safe return,” when she was found in her parent’s basement, there was no reason to believe she ever left.

Unfortunately, this is one mystery we likely won’t ever have an answer to. The new suspect passed away years ago and tests trying to prove that John or Patsy wrote the note have been inconclusive.

This case has gone on for many years, it’s clear that it was botched from the beginning.  Whether an arrest will ever actually take place seems doubtful. But it would be nice for the family to be able to put this to rest and move on with their lives.


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