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BREAKING: He Was Found DEAD With TONS Of Drugs In His System!

After finally making it through a rough week last week filled with one celebrity fatality after another, we were ready for a second try at 2018. This week proved promising of starting in the afterglow of Sunday’s Golden Globe awards, only for the Grim Reaper to rear his ugly head again, with tragic new of a beloved movie icon gone too soon.

There seems to be a “curse” among certain celebrities that worked together, all suffering similar demises. Now, we’re learning that the actors on the beloved and long-popular holiday flick, Home Alone, are on that ill-fated list. Although the child star of the major movie that’s etched in many of our childhoods, Macaulay Culkin, has seen more than his fair share of shameful coverage following an apparent slip into drug use as an adult, it turns out that he wasn’t the only one on the set using such heavy narcotics recently.

We’re sad to report that the death of his co-star was found dead (perhaps accidentally) with not one or two drugs in his system, but a massive narcotics cocktail comprising of SEVEN heavy duty drugs.

TMZ reports:

“Home Alone” dad John Heard had a pharmacy of drugs in his system when he died … TMZ has learned.

The actor died in July at age 71, and now the toxicology results are in. Among the drugs in his system — Tramadol, Oxycodone, Oxymorphone, Xanax, Buprenorphine, Fentanyl and Hydromorphone.

It’s important to note Heard had back surgery 2 days before his death, and some of these drugs are commonly used to alleviate pain.

The report, obtained by TMZ, also seems to indicate there was an attempt to revive Heard with Narcan, a drug used to counteract the effects of a narcotics OD.

The Medical Examiner has already said Heard died from a heart attack triggered by heart disease. There is no information in the reports as to whether drugs contributed to the cause of death.

While the cause of death is a heart attack as opposed to overdose, this could noted as such as to protect the actor’s reputation and memory post-humonously. Since Heard had recently had back surgery before he was found deceased, it’s not unreasonable for there to be painkillers in his system. However, this is a large amount of multiple controlled substances all which have similar and strong side effects and seems like a lot for one person to be taking – for whatever reason, perhaps incorrectly or accidentally. It would not be unreasonable to believe or at least wonder if combination had something to do with causing the heart attack that ultimately killed this beloved star.

The “Home Alone” dad represented a wholesome father from the 90’s that we either had or wished we had grown up with. For that, you will be missed, John Heard. Rest in Peace.


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