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BREAKING: Mark Wahlberg Caught In Major Drug Scandal!

America’s heartthrob “Marky Mark” could be facing serious drug charges if what he’s reportedly involved in is true.  Richard Rodriguez, owner of Iron Addicts gym in Miami has been locked up along with 8 others for the distribution of illegal drugs.  The DEA raided Rodriguez’s gym in February of last year and escorted the fitness socialite out in handcuffs.  Among his alleged 50 customers, Richard named actor and former model Josh Duhamel, Roman Reigns-WWE superstar, and you guessed it, Mark Wahlberg as “customers” in a lawsuit.

TMZ reported,“WWE superstar Roman Reigns is 100% denying that he bought steroids from an imprisoned PED kingpin … claiming he has no idea who the man or his company is.“I have never heard of Richard Rodriguez or Wellness Fitness Nutrition,” Reigns said in a statement to ProWrestlingSheet.In a recent phone interview from jail, Rodriguez fingered Reigns — along with Mark Wahlberg and Josh Duhamel — as celebs who purchased ‘roids from him using aliases.”

Wahlberg cooley responds to the allegations by stating, “All natural baby. All the time! That’s hard work! If you want to do something baby, you gotta work hard. You got to make yourself an example” reported by Daily Mail.

Mark has been known for his roles in many films such as Ted, The Italian Job, and Pain and Gain.  He told Men’s Fitness that he had to gain 40 lbs for his part in Pain and Gain by eating 12 meals a day as well as lifting heavy weights to fit the role of Daniel Lugo.  Now, fans of the dark comedy are wondering if he had a little “help” to achieve such bodacious gains!

Do you think Marky Mark is lying and took the easy way out, or is he as innocent as we hope he is? He looks great so it could be haters hating or something else.

Daily Mail has this to say about the allegations:

Wahlberg was named by Rodriguez in a telephone interview from behind bars that was posted to YouTube last week.

Rodriguez named the actor plus two other men – actor Josh Duhamel and WWE’s Roman reigns – in an interview with filmmaker Jon Bravo and has also named them in a lawsuit filed in New York state.

The lawsuit names the men as just three of ’50 customers in the Eastern District of New York’ in a ring that made over $10 million in the distribution of illegal steroids, Forbes reports.

“These accusations are completely false,” Wahlberg’s rep told TheWrap website on January 17.

Perhaps Reigns is “roid raging” on his famous friends since he’s in hot water and misery loves company. Everyone is innocent in this case until proven otherwise.


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