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BREAKING: Taylor Swift Rushed Out Of Public – Her Life Is In Immediate Danger

Taylor Swift has a pretty sweet life as one of the most popular music artists of our time, but it comes at a huge cost. She’s realizing that now more than ever after being rushed out of public and taking cover for protection. This last year has been particularly rough for the pop/country songstress after being forced to defend herself against a sexual assault by a disk jockey in Colorado and now having just suffered what looks like a hit on her life.

Being a celebrity of any level comes with a massive amount of risk, much of which is known, but what Swift is enduring right how wasn’t expected in the slightest. The blonde hair, blue eyed singer with a heart as big as her voice has somehow attracted the biggest freak on the scene who is taking arms against her. He’s claiming to be her boyfriend, but things just went from weird to worse. It’s safe to say that there are some extreme freaks out there and this dude is one of them. You won’t believe what he was just caught doing. Swift is certainly lucky to be alive right now, but as long as this loser in free, she should be sleeping with one eye open.

TMZ reports:

Taylor Swift could have another obsessed fan on her hands — because a 58-year-old man is claiming he’s her boyfriend and needs a gun to protect her … this according to cops.

Law enforcement sources in New Hampshire tell TMZ … a guy was at the station for voluntary questioning on an unrelated case when he bragged he was the singer’s BF. What’s more … cops say he went as far as showing them texts with a “Taylor Swift” as the recipient.

We’re told cops got suspicious when he started asking how many states he can drive through with a concealed carry weapons permit. He also told them he wanted a gun to protect Taylor in Africa. It’s unclear why he thinks Taylor will be in Africa.

As for why cops didn’t detain him right then and there … they say someone simply saying they want a gun to protect someone is not a crime.
That said … cops tell us they’re trying to contact Taylor’s team to warn her.

Here’s what’s important to note, freaks like this 58-year-old would love nothing more than to go down in infamy with trying to execute their celebrity obsession. So his crazy rants/questions and going as far as to seemingly stage text messages from her have to be taken seriously. We’re sure that Swift’s security isn’t taking any chances and are going to the full extent to protect her in public. Afterall, we’ve all seen what deranged lunatics are capable when showing up at concerts – this somewhat recently happened to former ‘Voice’ start Christina Grimmie who was murdered by a deranged fan at her concert in Orlando in December of 2016.

“Taylor’s no stranger to obsessed fans. Another random dude showed up to her Rhode Island steps, back in July, trying to marry her. We’ve reached out to Taylor’s team, so far no word back,” TMZ added. It’s better to be prepared than to make excuses later. People will literally stop at nothing to do the most crazy things out there to celebrities and this guy is probably no exclusion to that assumption. There should at least be a “Be on the lookout” for this “fan” and if he starts making his way across the country, armed and in a car.


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