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BREAKING: His Wife Was Found DEAD, Now He’s Finally Under Investigation – This Is MASSIVE

Natalie Wood was once quoted saying, “At night, when the sky is full of stars and the sea is still, you get the wonderful sensation that you are floating in space.”  Then, a beautiful sentiment, now a saying that sends chills down your spine if you know anything about her death.

Famous and admired actress Natalie Wood was born July 20th, 1938.  She married Robert Wagner- for the first time- in 1957.  They remained married for five years, then divorced only to get married again 10 years later in 1972.  Just like many other couples in Hollywood, they seemed to be happy in love.  Was there more than what meets the eye?

Photo credit, People

As you may recall, the story of Natalie’s death had many a bit puzzled as there seemed to be some missing pieces- pun intended.  On November of 1981, Wood and Wagner were aboard Natalie’s family yacht, the Splendour.  Accompanying them was Captain Dennis Davern and Christopher Walken- Wood’s co-star in Brainstorm.  They were sailing off the coast of Catalina Island in California.  The actress who was publicly terrified of dark water allegedly took off in a Dinghy (a small boat usually carried by a larger vessel) heading toward shore.  At least, this was the story as told by all three men on board that night.  Wagner was the last to be seen with Natalie.  She was found the following morning floating in the water wearing a nightgown made of flannel and red down jacket.  It was concluded that the cause of death was “accidental drowning.”  The really confusing thing was that she had “fresh” bruises all over her body that were found later on in an autopsy.

Over time, stories have “shifted” which lead to the reopening of the Natalie Wood case in 2011.  Former actor Robert Wagner, now age 87, has found himself once again in the hot seat.  In 2008, Wagner wrote a memoir titled Pieces Of My Heart.  In the book, he recounted that night explaining they had been drinking when Walken and himself ended up in an argument and he slammed a wine bottle on the table.  Unfortunately, this doesn’t expain how Natalie wound up in the water.  If anything, it seems to only raise more questions.

For the last six years, “48 Hours” has been following the investigation. The crews correspondent, Erin Mortiary exchanged the following dialogue with Lieutenant John Corina of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department as reported by CBS News:

“I haven’t seen him tell the details that match all the other witnesses in this case,” Corina says of Wagner. “I think he’s constantly changed his story a little bit. And his version of events just don’t add up.” 

Do you believe Natalie Wood was murdered?”  Moriarty asks.

“I think it’s suspicious enough to make us think that something happened,” Corina says.

“Do you believe Robert Wagner knows a lot more about what happened to his wife than he’s ever said?” Moriarty asks.

“Well, I think he does because he’s the last one to see her,” Corina replies.

Ralph Hernandez of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s department was noted saying, “She looked like a victim of an assault.”

Since the case has reopened, Robert has refused to speak with investigators.

It seems the only thing that is sure is that Natalie Wood will forever be missed and admired for her talented work on screen.

What do you think?  Is Robert Wagner responsible for the death of Natalie Wood?

-Skyla Stone


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