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Caitlyn’s Kid Walks Around L.A. With SICK Message To Trump On Her Back – Regrets It Immediately

Petulant children and entitled celebrities came out in droves on Saturday to protest to have their rights as Americans taken away, proving their bleak understanding of the Constitution. Acting as if they are anti-gun, whether most truly are or just wanting to feel a part of something popular, they all walked around major cities across America, holding signs and screaming for things they know nothing about. The herd mentality was strong and celebrities were all about it, abusing their public platforms once again to push political jargon.

This proved to be especially bad for Caitlyn Jenner’s daughter who thought she was making a powerful statement in her attire with a nasty message to President Trump on her back. It became laughable when Kendall Jenner, among other celebs took to the streets in what could only be seen as a, “look at me moment” which ultimately backfired.

According to Just Jared:

Kendall Jenner and Hailey Baldwin show their support at the March For Our Lives on Saturday afternoon (March 24) in Los Angeles.

The models were seen taking in the speeches at the rally in downtown L.A. and joining other celebs like fellow model Kaia Gerber and friend Jaden Smith.

Kendall was seen wearing a jacket that had a drawing of Trump on the back along with the words, “God save us… He ain’t my president.”

“Standing with you all today! Let’s do this!!!” Hailey wrote on her Instagram story.

Kaia was seen holding a sign that read, “One child is worth more than all the guns on Earth.” Her parents’ best friend George Clooney is one of the celebs who helped make the march happen!

Kendall, who clearly has no clue, thought it would be helpful to wear her anti-Trump jacket as if he was the problem. Ironically, The Obama administration did nothing to increase security at schools or introduce any legislation that could curb mass shooting events. President Trump brought teens to the White House to listen to opinions, he also put together a bi-partisan panel of law markers to help him make decisions on how best to secure kids at school.

Jenner just advertised her nasty anti-Trump attitude without realizing the ramifications of doing so. That fame and praise that she thrives on and benefits financially from can all be compromised if she gets bit with the “Trump curse” that’s been going around with a vengeance for all divisive celebrities like her lately.

Thankfully, not all kids feel the same way as Jenner and her model pals. One of the survivors of the Parkland shooting took to the airways yesterday on, “Face The Nation.”

Breitbart reported:

During the March 25 airing of Face the Nation, Parkland school shooting survivor Kyle Kashuv suggested people looking for something to blame ought to be pointing at the “cowards of Broward County” rather than guns.

Kashuv was referencing the Broward County Sheriff’s Office from which a deputy arrived on scene 90 seconds into the attack and waited outside the building while the gunman spent nearly five more minutes shooting innocents.That deputy, Scot Peterson, can allegedly be seen on surveillance video arriving at building 12 only to remain outside while the sound of gunfire continued on the inside.

Sheriff Scott Israel called out Peterson for not going into the building and Peterson resigned rather than face suspension.

It’s time to get kids back to school and concentrate on their education and let state governors and members of Congress create a school protection solution.  President Trump needs to follow through with creating a way to put police officers in schools so that we don’t have to arm our teachers.

Regardless of what they said this ineffective event was about, it obvious that the true intent was to attack the NRA and criminalize the group and every lawful gun owner in the country. They chanted senseless rhetoric such as conservatives care more about there guns more than they care for the safety of children.

While our children’s safety is paramount to all of us, the left often feels that marches and celebrity speeches are the way to make changes.


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