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Trump Accuser Stormy Daniels Just Got What She Wanted – Cashes In With ENORMOUS Pay Day!

Stormy Daniels has made her way back into the news this week, but not for her alleged affair with President Trump.

Daniels and her attorney have said in the past the Trump paid her hush money through his attorney Michael Cohen to keep her quiet about the affair. He was said to have paid her 130,000 to quiet.

This week Stormy dropped a new bomb and the masses are coming to see it. She’s getting a lot more cash that what’s she was originally seeking.

According to TMZ:

Banging the President has been VERY good for Stormy Daniels‘ career … and the proof is in the porn pudding!

Stormy just released her first new movie since the Trump scandal broke — ‘Stormy’s Secret’ — in which the self-described “MILF goddess” plays a writer looking to “get those creative juices going.”

Spoiler: She succeeds.

The teaser clip, posted on the Brazzers’ website, has already racked up more than 150,000 views in the 2 days it’s been live … more views than the previous 2 videos dropped on the site combined, “Christening the Cougar” and “Confessions of a Buttaholic.”

Daniels has said she never stopped working in porn — but had to take a break from on-camera work due to a back injury suffered in a “riding accident.”

But, she’s back now and vows to knock out even more flicks in 2018 … including one callled “The Fellate Show.”

Heeeeeeeere’s Stormy!

Stormy Daniels has profited a lot more than just the 130,000. By pushing this alleged affair into the mainstream news, Daniels has been cashing in.

According to Forbes, Stormy Daniels has been adamant that money is not what motivated her to tell her story. That may be so, but she certainly finds herself able to make a lot more of it these days. Since allegations of a 2006 affair with Donald Trump and a $130,000 hush payment made by Trump’s lawyer surfaced in January, Daniels has become a household name—with the earning power to prove it.

“Stormy’s essentially become the most famous porn star of all time,” says Alec Helmy, publisher of adult industry news outlet XBIZ. “And with that level of fame comes a windfall of opportunity.”

Daniels landed on Jimmy Kimmel, got a character on Saturday Night Live, inked a more lucrative deal to direct adult films—and hit the touring circuit in a big way, tripling her bookings at strip clubs across the country while commanding more than double her previous appearance fees.

Based on interviews with industry experts, Forbes estimates that Daniels’ annual earnings—thought to be in the low six-figure range before the scandal broke—will likely double this year, at the very least.

“No adult star has had this type of exposure before,” says Brian Gross, who runs a PR firm for the adult entertainment industry. “In business you take advantage of opportunities, and that’s exactly what Stormy is doing very well.”

For one, she’s taking her show on the road, dancing at strip joints and nightclubs around the country. It’s a typical income stream for porn stars. Daniels has done it for years, commanding industry rates—usually low to mid four figures, plus expenses for travel and lodging and tips from patrons, according to experts—for the dozen or so shows she was doing annually before the scandal. Now, with her name recognition higher than ever, she’s scheduling significantly more performances for significantly more money, embarking on what has been dubbed the “Make America Horny Again Tour.”

“She’s pretty much booked up for the rest of the year,” says one of her booking agents, Danny Capozzi of Centerfold Strips. “And at minimum her rate has doubled.”

A tour schedule posted on Daniels’ Instagram page shows at least 34 bookings between late March and mid-November, with stops everywhere from Bedford, New Hampshire to Salem, Oregon. That includes a weekend at Ultra Lounge in West Palm Beach, Florida on April 13 and 14.

“We always look for opportunities like this,” says Ultra’s general manager, Stacy Saccal. “We’re directly across the street from Trump International Golf Club and we’re on [Trump’s] motorcade route. It was just a good fit.”

Ultra is expecting to hit maximum occupancy during Daniels’ two Friday and two Saturday night shows, where she will take the stage just 3 miles from Mar-a-Lago, where Trump plans to host a summit with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe a few days later.

Saccal won’t say what Ultra is paying Daniels for her appearance, but one club, Little Darlings in Las Vegas, boasted in January of shelling out $75,000 for a Daniels show. Some industry experts doubted a club would pay a fee so high, but Capozzi says Little Darlings indeed paid that hefty sum. A manager of Little Darlings initially told Forbes that the club did not pay Daniels $75,000, but soon backtracked and said that is “what was advertised” but the payment was negotiated above his head and he never saw the check. Industry experts think that $5,000 to $20,000 is a more reasonable assumption for Daniels’ typical appearance fee these days.

Besides making rounds on the strip club circuit, Daniels also recently renegotiated another main source of income: her film contract. In late January, shortly after her alleged affair with Trump came out, she left Wicked Pictures, the adult film studio she worked with to perform in and direct films for nearly all of her career, for Digital Playground, a competing studio owned by Luxembourg-based conglomerate MindGeek.

Stars like Daniels often sign deals with studios for a set number of films or a certain amount of time, earning a salary plus up to about $1,000 per scene filmed or film directed. According to industry experts, it’s unlikely that Daniels earns royalties on a percentage of video sales or online views. So, while Pornhub says (link opens to Pornhub’s blog) that searches for Stormy Daniels rose 514% when the alleged affair first made headlines, and another 492% when Daniels appeared on 60 Minutes, she probably didn’t get any money directly from the increased traffic.

Daniels has every reason in the world to keep this affair in the news, millions of reasons. If you were questioning whether the affair really happened or if she is just doing this for money, I think we’ve answered a few questions.


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