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Dick’s Gun Dept Employee Just Made Retailer REALLY Regret Their Sick New Rule – Now It’s Too Late

After the shooting in Parkland FL. there has been a resurgence from the left to create new gun laws. Last week Dick’s Sporting Goods and Walmart announced that they are raising the age of a person looking to purchase a rifle from 18 to 21. This move has enraged the conservative right who stand by the second amendment and see this move as an infringement on law bidding citizens.

Most feel like if they are old enough to join the military and to register to vote then they should be old enough to purchase a rife. When Dick’s made the decision to change the age, Alexander DeGarmo, Lincoln Nebraska employee of that store was not happy. He decided that he could no longer work for a store that did support the second amendment. However, he didn’t just quit, he left Dick’s with the perfect response in his resignation note of why he was moving on. After posting it on his personal Facebook profile, the post went viral for what he was not afraid to say.

I turned in my letter of resignation at Dick's Sporting Goods today. I firmly believe in standing by your beliefs wholeheartedly. Do not let others push you into giving up your rights.

Posted by Alex Degarmo on Friday, March 2, 2018

In a story published by the Daily Caller they stated, Dick’s Sporting Goods decision to stop selling firearms to anyone under 21 has at least one 20-year-old employee taking a public stand against the retailer’s “restriction of the Second Amendment.”

Alexander DeGarmo quit his job at the Lincoln, Nebraska Dick’s Sporting Goods, and issued a scathing resignation letter on Facebook hammering his former employer and its CEO, Edward Stack.

“I believe it is morally and unconstitutionally wrong to infringe upon the rights of law-abiding citizens in any way, and I will not work for a company that pushes for the restriction of the Second Amendment,” wrote DeGarmo, who also called out Stack for engaging in “systematic discrimination” for singling out otherwise law-abiding citizens based on their age.

“I quit due to the policies implemented by the CEO Ed Stack that I feel target a certain group of individuals and are discriminatory. Also as a 20-year-old, I find it absurd that I am barred from purchasing a firearm at my (former) place of work,” DeGarmo told Red Alert Politics, adding that store management at his particular branch “respected that I am standing up for what I believe in.”

DeGarmo praised his former managers and co-workers in his resignation letter as well, writing, “My coworkers and management at store 1244 were always of the highest standing and quality, I have no complaints about their work ethic or moral standing.”

Responses to DeGarmo’s post were encouraging. One respondent wrote, “Kudos! Good luck in your employment search! Proud that there are younger people standing up for their rights!” Another said DeGarmo’s stand “gives me a glimmer of hope for your generation.” According to Red Alert, DeGarmo intends to shift his focus to political campaigns and Second Amendment issues.

These retailers need to beware, conservatives cost the NFL millions after boycotting the 2017 season. Big box retailers have been struggling in a market where people would rather purchase online and have to drive to the store.  If Dick’s and Walmart are concerned about their bottom line they might want to reconsider their stance. There are a lot of people working in these stores that feel the same way Alexander DeGarmo feels. Hopefully, they will have the same courage as he did and walk out of their jobs.


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