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Drunk Casey Anthony Slips And Spills The Beans At Florida Bar – She Should Be BEHIND Bars NOW

Casey Anthony is the single mom in Florida whose 2-year-old daughter Caylee Anthony went missing under mysterious circumstances and was later found dead. It was the crime case of the decade and one she’ll never live down. Some evidence seemed to suggest that this single mom who likes to party was the one allegedly responsible for her toddler daughter’s death. The judge and jury on Casey’s case found her to not be guilty and she’s since been a free woman ever since, and apparently back to her partying ways.

Casey doesn’t need a wingman when she goes out, she’ll go on her own as is what she reportedly did on Sunday night when she bellied up to the bar at an Irish Pub in West Palm Beach, FL. She was right in time for happy hour and evidently seemed to take advantage of the drink specials as she got tipsy and talky with other bar-goers. As the drinks kept flowing, so do the information she was offering up to others around her.

Being as infamous as she is, it would take being drunk to be seen in public and not care about the ramifications from others.

TMZ reports:

If you’ve never heard the one about Casey Anthony walking into a bar by herself, buckle up … ’cause it’s a real knee-slapper.

Casey was drinking for one on Sunday at O’Shea’s Irish Pub in West Palm Beach, FL right around happy hour time … and oh, what a happy time she was having with the regulars.

In video obtained by TMZ, you see Casey trying to have a convo with a few dudes there — we say trying, ’cause it mostly sounded like drunken gibberish … with an Irish twist. Either way, it’s clear Casey enjoyed herself for the hour or so she was there, even solo.

It’s pretty cocky of her to consider herself a celebrity and that other patrons wanted to chat it up with her because of it. Did she forget how she became famous? Perhaps, since her trial is all just a distant memory now, as is her daughter.

According to TMZ, she talked over having more kids and babysitting, as if to convince herself and others she’s a good person. Maybe she is and was caught in a horrible scenario on top of losing her child under horrific circumstances, but much of the country seems to think she’s guilty despite being acquitted in her daughter’s death that was said to be “purely accidental,” according to CNN.

TMZ explains more of the drunken debacle in which she laid it all out there:

Unclear exactly what she was drinking, but it looks like a light brew to us — maybe a Stella.

As we’ve reported, Casey’s been living the good life in the years since she was acquitted of murdering her 2-year-old daughter, Caylee Anthony, back in 2011 … mulling over having more kids, babysitting, and hitting up happy hour in the Sunshine State.

Just another day in the life of World’s Best Mom.

It’s pretty brave of Casey to stick around in the area where the crime she was acquitted of took place, knowing that the court of public opinion doesn’t find her as innocent as the court of law.


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