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Ellen Shocks Thieving Audience Member During Show After Catching Her Stealing From Set

Ellen has been through so much recently with the passing of her father and the devastating wildfires and mudslides that happened in her community of Montecito, California. But all of the devastation has not slowed her down at all. Ellen is known for her generosity and I think when she goes through something tragic she steps up her game even more and becomes even more generous; if that is even possible. Whether it is money, tv’s, her favorite things, scholarships just to name a few, she is always giving back to her audience and people in the community.

One of Ellen’s favorite things to do is prank her guest and the people in her audience. But recently she put her audience members to the ultimate test and of course, she had hidden cameras there to catch EVERYTHING! Her audience was shocked when she played what she had just witnessed on the show and national tv. Some people really stood out and not everyone stood out for good reasons.

You will never believe what Ellen just caught this woman doing.

According to Little Things, Ellen knows the foundation of a good relationship is trust, and so she recently decided to put her audience members’ honesty to the test.

Before the show started, Ellen set up a hidden camera in her gift shop, where she sells all sorts of fun merchandise, like jackets, keychains, hats, and mugs. But the sign in the shop read, “Only take one item per person.”

During the show, Ellen played back the footage and was mostly pleased with the results of this social experiment. Though, her audience was pretty stunned to realize their actions in the gift shop were being filmed for all to see!

Most of the guests took only one item as per the rule. Some even went back to purchase the extra items they wanted to take home.

But then Ellen caught some of her audience members red-handed, and one woman, in particular, stood out.

Ellen turned her attention to Nancy, who was so embarrassed to have been caught stealing multiple items of merch. But then it was time to receive her punishment, and Ellen pointed to the side of the stage…

Busted! I can NOT begin to imagine how mortified her guest was when she showed everyone that she had just stolen from Ellen’s gift shop. Hopefully, this woman’s actions won’t stop Ellen from believing in the good of others. It is unknown whether or not charges were pressed on the woman who chose to steal items from the gift shop. If not, hopefully, she learned her lesson!


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