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Hammered Trump-Hating Rapper Blindsided By Brutal Reality After Calling Airline Racist

An anti-Trump celebrity rapper just went public calling out an airline for being racist after what happened to him on a flight. It’s funny how celebrities throw the race card whenever they get in a bind and things don’t go their way. We’ve come to expect it. What we don’t expect is what happened to this guy after he pitched a fit on American Airlines.

The celebrity was none other than the extra-mouthy rapper who is famous for his “F-ck Donald Trump” song and who in turn just got hit with a surprising dose of karma on an American Airline flight. He got smacked with some reality as the anti-Trumper was tossed off the flight, allegedly appearing to be intoxicated, but that’s not all he did. He then went straight to Twitter and posted a nasty message, calling out the airline, saying they’re racist, and he had a little video to go with it.

It seems like the anti-Trump rapper was intoxicated and that might be why the airline removed him, but then he went full out on Twitter as I said before. The worst part of this is the karma that YG received for behaving as he did. As soon as he posted his message on Twitter and people saw it, they then started calling out the rapper for being in the wrong.

The disgruntled rapper probably thought he was in the right, but according to a lot of the Twitter posts, it seems like the public is calling him out for his behavior and standing up for the airline.

YG posted this on Twitter, accusing the airline of being racist.

Funny enough, people called him out on it. After watching his little post, people knew he was probably in the wrong and they had no problem calling him out for it.

Breitbart reported on YG’s escapade and getting tossed off the flight:

“American Airlines claims it removed rapper YG from a flight Monday because he was drunk, but the rapper claims it is all about racism.

“Taking to Twitter, YG exclaimed in a video from the gangway, “F*** American Airlines,” he said. “They kick me off the plane and talkin’ ’bout I’m drunk… I’m sober than a muthaf***a!”

“He even tried to blame President Donald Trump by saying “F*** Donald Trump,” PageSix reported.

“But a representative for American Airlines pointed out that the video itself proved their case for having the rapper removed, PageSix said.

“The 28-year-old “F*** Donald Trump” rapper was trying to catch a flight from Los Angeles to New York, according to reports.

“American Airlines said the rapper was asked to deplane because he was drunk and belligerent at around 8:37 PM. But the carrier also responded to the rapper’s accusations with a tweet saying, “In our culture, every interaction with a customer or team member should be grounded in respect. Please meet us in DMs with more info.”

“YG later added that he was able to catch a Delta flight to make his concert in New York.”

This is what happens when people in Hollywood think they’re untouchable and above everyone else. This is the entitlement mentality. YG is just another civilian who needs to follow the rules like everyone else.

When people exhibit unacceptable behavior, then they should face consequences just like everyone else.

What would happen to anyone else in the same situation?

At one point the rapper thought the Secret Service was after him. Spin covered an article on it:

“FDT,” a source of anti-Donald Trump joy for many, is now becoming a headache to YG. TMZ caught up with the Compton rapper and asked him how he felt about the impact about the Nipsey Hussle collaboration has had. YG said he’s now, in fact, under the Secret Service’s lens.

“’The Secret Service holla’d at the label,” YG said in mild annoyance. “They asked to see the lyrics to my album… Because if I’m talking about [Trump] on my album, they’re going to try to take it off the shelves.”

“But the album, YG’s sophomore effort, still doesn’t have a release date almost a year after buzz single “Twist My Fingaz” dropped. One would imagine the Secret Service would get off his case if the project comes out in December and Trump already lost the election.

“The Secret Service isn’t the only authority ruffled by “FDT.” The song’s video shoot in early April was shut down by Los Angeles police, according to TMZ. One Instagram user claimed that officers brandished firearms at the scene.

“’We was all in a peaceful F**K DONALD TRUMP mood,” the user said.'”

He doesn’t sound that peaceful. Has this rapper donated any of the money he earned while singing an anti-Trump song? Does he help the people who are his fans or does he just make money by running his mouth?


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