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Firefighters Filming Trump Motorcade Going By Get Sudden Surprise They’ll Never Forget

President Donald Trump just marked his 80th week in the White House. That auspicious occasion was marked with the arrival of the remains of US troops from the Korean War being returned home at long last. For decades these remains have been held by the North Korean dictatorship lead by Kim Jong Un and much of the Washington establishment had generally forgotten about.

Far from forgotten, President Trump negotiated the return of the remains of these U.S. soldiers with the North Korean dictator, while Vice President Mike Pence welcomed the fallen home in a ceremony held in Hawaii.

Meanwhile, President Trump continued to demand immigration and border reform, threatening a government shutdown if Congress continues to its obstruction and refusal to fund the border wall. President Trump also took to Twitter to continue to blast Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into so-called Russian collusion taking to Twitter to blast it as a glorified witchhunt via Twitter, while his administration negotiates terms for an interview with the special counsel.

In the meantime, a video recently went viral of President Trump traveling by motorcade and stopping the whole entire thing to simply climb out of his limousine. As he climbed out, he greeted several dozen flabbergasted firefighters.

As the video plays it shows “the Beast” as President Trump’s limousine is known, traveling on its way to a Make America Great Again rally in Lewis Center, Ohio when the vehicle comes to a sudden stop. Two Secret Service agents then walk up to the window of the car to speak to the President. It is not immediately clear if President Trump is planning to get out or simply making plans with the Secret Service for a quick impromptu stop. But it quickly becomes apparent that this is no ordinary impromptu stop but it is very important to the President.

What followed next was not a speech, or glad-handing some wealthy businessman or local politician, or a means to shower praise on himself or his administration – nope! President Trump stopped to simply say “thank you” to a group of local firefighters.

The firefighters are naturally flabbergasted as none other than President Trump himself strode out of the limo to meet them. One firefighter was filming the motorcade as it rolled by with every expectation it would continue. He clearly planned to film President Trump’s motorcade simply driving by. He clearly got more than he bargained for. As the Secret Service agents talk with President Trump likely discussing safety and security measures prior the president exiting the vehicle, the firefighter says, “No, he’s not…” and laughs nervously.

When President Trump steps out of the vehicle, the firefighters begin to applaud as he walks towards them.  He then motions for the firefighters to come closer and begins sharing their hands. “Thank you, men, thank you,” President Trump says to the firemen as he shakes their hands, going down the line. The firefighter filming the video says, “That’s awesome!”

President Trump then gathers the firefighters together saying – “c’mon” — as he gathers the group together for a group photo. He then gave the thumbs up in the group photo opp while other bystanders grabbed a few quick selfies. While the video was originally shot back in June 2018, the video was recently posted to social media and promptly went viral this past weekend.

The footage posted to YouTube clearly demonstrates the incredible appreciation and respect that President Trump has for America’s military men and women both past and present, as well as our police, firefighters, and first responders.

What is clearly even more remarkable, is that this is clearly not an isolated incident as social media is filled with a variety of impromptu stops like this where President Trump is simply among the everyday people thanking them for being part of what makes America truly great. Is it any wonder America’s military and first responders think so much of him? Not that you would know that by listening to the mainstream media…however, occasionally they cannot avoid reporting at least a bit of what is happening after all ratings are the name of the game.

According to ABC

Donald Trump supporters who lined Southern Boulevard in Palm Beach, Florida on Friday, hoping for glance of the president as his motorcade headed to Mar-a-Lago got more than a mere wave through a bulletproof window.

Instead, the motorcade stopped and President Trump exited his vehicle to the delight of his fans, many of whom carried American flags and shouted “we love you!”

The president didn’t walk over to any of his supporters but instead waved to them from outside his car.

First lady Melania Trump and their son Barron remained seated inside, according to ABC affiliate WPBF.

“That was exciting,” supporter Diana Roberts told WPBF.

Paula Prudente, who also lined the motorcade route, told WPBF, “I’m always on the passenger side, because I know that he waves and smiles at us. He jumped out. This is the second time jumping out.”


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