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‘Fixer Upper’ Couple Just Shocked America With Really Strange Name For Baby #5…and Gender

Picking out a baby name isn’t always the easiest thing to do but you must admit that there are a lot of unique ones out there, especially with the latest trend in stars trying to outdo each other. The child often suffers the consequence of this, being stuck with a name for life that sounds far worse as an adult, than a kid.

Whether you choose to use a family name or a name that you really like, others create a name by using a word or even a characteristic they like. However, what you give your child carries some significant weight as it stays with them for life, and is often something they are judged by. Now we’re learning what America’s favorite TV couple, Chip and Joanna Gains of HGTV’s home design show, “Fixer Upper,” have discussed for their little due soon. It’s almost as shocking as their news of being pregnant with baby number five, which they announced back in January. The couple also revealed the baby’s gender, which may have been by accident.

As most pregnant mothers can attest to, women are given a lot of advice when they’re expecting, which is oftentimes unsolicited. This was partly how one name idea surfaced, which you’ll never believe was even an option for the baby who will break the gender tie in their family. Currently, the Gains have two boys and two girls.

Hollywood Life reports:

How exciting! Chip & Joanna Gaines have finally revealed the gender of their 5th child, and they did so in such a sweet, epic way! It’s a BOY for Chip and Joanna Gaines! The Fixer Upper couple is officially adding another son to their household, with Chip announcing the good news via Twitter on March 7.

The post wasn’t your typical gender reveal though, as theirs featured a little boy named Gage. Taken over the weekend during their attendance at a golf event for the Tim Tebow Foundation, Chip asked Gage to help him come up with baby names, and the resulting conversation was beyond sweet!

In the adorable clip, Chip jokes in his explanation to Gage that he and his wife are about to have another baby — their fifth child — because “Uncle Chip has lost his mind.”

As both of Chip and Joanna’s sons have names that begin with the letter D, he continues, “I can’t think of a D-name. Can you help me think of a D-name?” he asks Gage, who replies, “A boy?” “A boy! Is that a secret? I don’t know — that might not even be allowed on Twitter,” Chip exclaims, telling Gage, “You better keep that to yourself, dude!” 

Chip adds that the only D name for a boy that he can come up with is “Dragon,” which sends Gage into a giggling fit. Although she didn’t appear in the Twitter video, Joanna joined Chip at the charity event, and the two had an “amazing weekend.” They posted a few photos from the festivities, including ones of them together and with football star Tim Tebow. In one image, Joanna’s bump is even visible underneath her white t-shirt!

Chip and Joanna are already the proud parents to two daughters Emmie Kay, 7, and Ella, 11, as well as sons Duke, 9, and Drake, 12. They announced they’re expecting their fifth child back in January.

The couple wants to stick with a “D” name for their baby to go along with the name trend that has already been to their 2 other boys. While the pair has proven to be very creative in their business, the extreme creativity probably stops at what they name their children, opting for more traditional names with special meaning. “Dragon” doesn’t exactly fit that bill. As such, the couple is looking for suggestions if anyone has any, and says to send them their way!

What is the craziest name that you have ever heard someone name a child? We reported on a recent one from another famous couple, which many people seemed to think was in poor taste. You can read about it here and decide for yourself.


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