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Guests Who Honored Billy Graham At U.S. Capitol Today Floored By What Happened After

The most influential and well-loved evangelical pastor since Biblical times passed away last week at 99-years-old, having lived most of his life doing God’s work as His hands here on earth. He was the only one in centuries to impact the world, healing hearts around the globe, and restoring hope in countless people’s lives through his non-judgemental message of Christ’s love. Today, a select few, had the opportunity to show their respects for Graham at the U.S. Capitol building, where he lied in honor as the only religious leader in our nation’s history to have done so.

Many powerful people in the U.S. government came to pay their respects, including President Donald Trump, as well as thousands of others who were given the honor of attending such a momentous event. Some of those attendees were left floored by what happened after arrival and shared their experience for a very important reason. Specifically, with who was there to greet they weren’t expecting.

The Daily Caller reports:

Each person entering the space room under the Capitol Dome was treated to a private conversation with Graham’s eldest son, Franklin. The younger Graham followed in his father’s footsteps, and is a Christian evangelist and missionary. Franklin stood at the end of the room and shook the hand of every faithful person who entered.

Mr. Graham told The Daily Caller, in between hugs and handshakes from beaming strangers, he “will stand here as long as I am able.”

“These people stood outside for us and for my father,” he continued. “I will stand here for them. We love them and so does God.”

Photo Credit: Benny Johnson/Daily Caller

The late Billy Graham didn’t just leave a legacy behind in his word and the lives he changed, he passed the baton of making a lasting impact in this world onto his family, who are living representatives of his example. This is incredible to know since the void of his absence from this earth will be filled by those he raised and taught by his example.

Showing their dedication to appreciating people, was the Graham’s going out of their way and beyond what anyone would expect of them, by personally meeting, greeting, and interacting with the thousands of visitors. These guest were undoubtedly blessed by their sincerity and genuine love and appreciation for their father who they may have never had the chance to meet while he was alive but were changed by him even still.

Impressively, it was completely Franklin Graham’s idea and desire to be able to greet everyone attending, much to a Senate press staffer’s surprise, according to the Daily Caller. “It was a total surprise. No one has ever done this before. It is really special,” the staffer told the news outlet.

“Many members of the Graham extended family were also in attendance. At the time of this report, Franklin and his three sons were still shaking the hands of the hundreds faithful filing through the rotunda,” Daily Caller added.

Billy Graham didn’t just leave the world a better place by changing people’s lives and spreading an important message like nobody has in our nation’s history before – he left the world his incredible family to carry on his important work. He died at a time when America needed him most but not without an army of physical angels, blessed by his example, to pick up and carry on where he left off.


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