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Guy Looks Down In Shock At What Girl At Game Is Doing With Her Hands, Secretly Starts Recording

One of the best things to do at a sporting event, aside from eating delicious food, having a few drinks and cheering on your favorite team, would be people watching. Whenever a game is boring it is always fun to look around to see what people are wearing, which team they are cheering for, and if you are lucky you can catch someone doing something crazy.

Back in October one fan just saw the unthinkable happen while he was at an Astro’s game and he got it all on camera. He posted the video on social media and it has people everywhere going crazy over what was captured.

The Daily Mail reported:

A female sports fan who was watching the Houston Astros play the Kansas City Royals was caught on camera brazenly snorting ‘cocaine’ while fellow spectators celebrated the Astros’ win. The woman was videoed by an Ultimate Fighting Championship fighter who happened to be standing next to her in the crowd.

In the footage, the woman – who has not been identified – is seen fiddling with the contents of a small pouch before raising her hands to her face and holding one nostril while snorting a substance up her other nostril. Derrick Lewis, 30, then turns the camera towards himself and shakes his head at the camera disapprovingly.

It is not known what the substance was but Lewis said it looked like cocaine to him.The UFC fighter, who posted the clip to Instagram wrote: “Damn shame. Lady doing coke at the Astros game.” Some commentators on Deadspin speculated that the woman appears to be pregnant, as her stomach is bulging.

Diana Moskovitz wrote: “Jesus Christ. Snorting coke while seemingly pregnant.” 

The Houston Astros beat the Royals 4-2 in game three of the American League Division Series at Minute Maid Park on Sunday. It is not known which team the woman supported but she was standing with Astros fans.Former President George H.W. Bush, 91, and his wife Barbara were also at the baseball game and Bush even threw out the ceremonial first pitch to the Astros’ Jed Lowrie.

Bush, who was still wearing a neck brace following his fall in July, threw the short pitch from his wheelchair. He was wearing orange socks to go with his Astros jersey.

It is crazy what people will do at games, from snorting cocaine to having sex in the upper deck of the stands. There seems to be a disconnect with some people, it’s like they feel they can’t be seen or they’ll just blend in. So much for a family friendly night at the ball park.


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