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Happening Now: Medical Emergency Underway At The White House, Ambulances And Hazmat On Scene

Thursday began as business as usual at the White House until chaos unfolded. We’re getting word and confirmation of medical emergency that’s underway right now after a horrifying accident happened. Emergency crews including EMTs, ambulances, fire personnel and even multiple hazmat trucks have swarmed the scene.

There’s always a lot going on in the White House, but that’s all come to a halt after a ten-foot fall created an emergency situation. Responders were quick to the scene and are taking no chances. Now we know the outcome of the one person affected most.

“Reporters tweeted on Thursday that there was a ‘medical emergency’ on the White House complex that involved a worker falling, The Daily Caller reported. “Eamon Javers, a Washington correspondent for CNBC, tweeted that the Secret Service confirmed there was an ’emergency’ and noted the presence of two Hazmat trucks and multiple ambulances.”

Javers initially posted on Twitter what he witnessed:

“Secret Service says there’s a ‘medical emergency’ on the White House complex. Two Hazmat trucks on scene now, multiple ambulances. They brought at least three emergency vehicles through the gates on West Executive Drive. Unclear what’s happening, but it is a robust response.”

As the emergency unfolded, he updated with more information and another image as well as a followup on the worker’s condition that reporters were provided.

“Here’s the scene now between the White House and Executive Office Building. We are being told a worker fell, but ‘he will be fine,'” Javers wrote in a follow-up post on Twitter.

The Daily Caller has more information on the emergency situation they’ve uncovered:

David Martosko, an editor for the Daily Mail, confirmed the presence of emergency vehicles and that someone was involved in a fall.

“EMS are reporting that someone fell 10 feet,” he said.

CBS News posted its own video of the scene near the White House and indicated that the incident is “not serious.”

“Three fire trucks and two ambulances have arrived on the White House grounds. D.C. Fire and EMS say there was a medical emergency and it is not serious.”

DC Fire and EMS said a patient “fell 10 feet” but is not suffering from serious injuries.

“Injured person below grade adjacent to Eisenhower Office Bldg. 17 St and Pa. Ave NW. Patient fell 10 feet. Injuries not serious. Will be placed in stokes rescue basket and brought up via portable ladder.”

Unfortunately, workplace accidents happen, but it will likely only be a matter of moments before the left blames this on President Trump. It wouldn’t be beyond liberals to claim that he provides an unsafe working environment for people or that he doesn’t care about his contractors. This could have happened anywhere and does daily, but since it happened at Trump’s White House and on his watch, the left will attack him for it since they have over much less.

We’re happy to hear that the worker is not seriously injured and wish him a speedy recovery.


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