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High School Warned Defiant Anti-Gun Students And They Didn’t Listen – Now It’s Too Late

After the school shooting in Parkland, Florida people are trying to come up with solutions to help prevent another incident like this from happening again. Whether it is stricter gun laws or even arming our teachers, no solution has been figured out.

Students across America are now staging walkouts as a distraction from school and as a defiant act to overpower authorities, adults, and school administrators. Is their sole purpose really to fight for gun control or is just to follow what others are doing? Many are simply going outside and hanging out with their friends on the lawn outside of school and this isn’t going to make any difference in the gun debate or on our nation’s Second Amendment rights.

It is time for administrators to take back the control and put these kids in check before the “demonstrations” inevitably get more out of hand and lead to huge problems for schools everywhere. Some school officials are making sure their students know of the ramifications in joining a walk out.

According to Philly VoiceIn response to the Florida school shooting that left 17 people dead, high school students across the country have been participating in protests and have planned a massive, nationwide walkout.

The demonstrations are a call for change to gun laws and school security policies from students who say they don’t feel safe in the classroom. Some students, however, have been warned they will face disciplinary action if they participate in the scheduled March 14 walkout and other smaller but related demonstrations.

That includes Cherry Hill High School East.

During Monday morning’s announcements, Cherry Hill East Principal Dennis Perry said students who wished to have their voices heard about security at the high school could meet with him in the auditorium immediately after the announcements.

Perry said anyone who participated in any sort of “planned disruption” would be suspended. A sit-in demonstration at the intersection of the school’s two main hallways had been organized by students for Monday morning and was already taking place when Perry made the announcement.

“I am assuming that the purpose of the planned disruption was out of frustration because it was felt as though you were not being heard,” Perry said in audio obtained by PhillyVoice. “Well, I do want you to have that opportunity to be heard, and I do want to hear you.”

“Please know that those of you who opt into some sort of civil disobedience will be immediately suspended and you will lose your senior trip and prom if you are in 12th grade,” Perry said.

The protest was organized in support of teacher Timothy Locke, who was suspended last week after he raised concerns about security at the school in wake of the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida.

We can all agree that the issue of gun control is going a hot topic, but banning certain types of guns will not change the safety of our children. We need to protect our schools like we protect our airports and courthouses. How is this such a hard thing to comprehend? We spend billions of dollars a year on foreign aid, and some of those countries are not our friends.  It’s time to stop coming up with band-aid solutions and spend the money to protect our kids. It’s is also time for the schools to do what Principle Perry is doing, and stop allowing school walkouts.


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