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Hillary MORTIFIED At Pic That Came Out After Being Rushed To Hospital – It ALL Makes Sense NOW!

The instability and trip hazards we saw on Hillary Clinton’s campaign trail have not stopped in the year since she’s been a regular citizen. In fact, it seems to have gotten worse as whatever she’s secretly dealing with continues to progress. Her recent trip to India was proof as she took a major tumble down a huge flight of stairs and had to be picked up off the ground by her handlers.

Just as she was still feeling the pain from that fall, it happened again in her hotel room when the bathtub seemed to just jump out of nowhere. We wish we got a chance to watch it like we did with the first tumble that was caught on camera. Unfortunately, it was behind doors but must have been worse than the first since it landed her in the hospital.

With all these strange mishaps caused by tripping over her own two feet, we can’t help but wonder if there is more to the story than Clinton is opening up about. There is clearly something going on that she’s not telling people and seems very desperate to hide the truth on. These two falls aren’t the first ones for her and probably won’t be the last. Could they be results of a medical condition or medication that is causing her falls? Is it too much drinking (which she’s been known for), or a combination of several things?

It has many guessing and wondering what the cause of her falls are. There are some pictures that got out after she was rushed to the hospital, that she’s probably not too pleased about for obvious reason. Based on what’s seen, it seems that we could be answering some questions about her condition. We’ll let you be the judge.

According to Hollywood LifeNot again! Hillary Clinton reportedly suffered another fall on her trip to India, this time allegedly breaking her wrist. Is she okay?

Hillary Clinton reportedly had yet another scary fall during her trip to India, which resulted in a broken wrist. The former US secretary of state, who is in India to promote her election memoir “What Happened”, reportedly slipped in the bathtub while staying at Umaid Bhawan Palace, in Jodhpur, Rajasthan.

After reporting pain in her wrist, she was reportedly taken to nearby Goyal Hospital, and given an X-ray and CT scan that determined she suffered a hairline fracture, according to a doctor at the hospital who anonymously spoke to DNA India.

Her doctors, who consulted with her healthcare team in the United States, ordered her to rest and bandaged her wrist, according to DNA India‘s report. She’ll reportedly also receive a checkup every three days, no matter what part of India she’s in at the time. She’s scheduled to leave Jodhpur and head to Jaipur to continue the book tour. She’s going to be okay!

The news of another reported fall is especially concerning after she slipped on the steep stairs outside Jahaj Maha palace in Mandu, India just two days prior. Hillary, who is being escorted down the stairs by an aide, loses her footing and briefly stumbled. Another aide rushes to her side, and all is well briefly.

She slips again and hilariously kicks off her shoes to make it down safely. Look, for anyone speculating about her health, those stairs look perilous. Anyone of us could slip!

Hillary looks disheveled sort of out of it in one picture snapped of her while on a guided tour. It reminiscent of what “Bernie” looks like on the cover of “Weekend at Bernie’s.” In other snapshots she seems more like a gitty girl, but still in the strange clothing seemingly made from bedsheets.

Photo by Sunil Verma/AP/REX/Shutterstock

We are sure this isn’t the last time that we will watch Clinton fall. Hopefully, she is getting the proper help for whatever is going on with her.
Do you think she is trying to hide something or do you really think that she is this clumsy?


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