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Hillary Seen Out Of Her Strange ‘Tent Dress’ And Matching Melania – Who Wore It Better?

It is obvious that Melania Trump and Hillary Clinton have completely different styles and not just when it comes to politics. On multiple occasions, their styles have been compared and it has left many pondering the question, Who Wore it Better? Well, that question might be more obvious that you think but some people’s opinions might surprise you.

Melania’s fashion choices have been highly scrutinized recently by the left and mainstream media and they are always looking for hidden meanings behind what she chooses to wear. Rather than just looking at her style as being classic and chic they rip her fashion choices apart when in all reality, she is not the one who should be judged by what she chooses to wear.

In my opinion, Hillary Clinton is not seen as a fashion role model like Melania is. In fact, their styles could not be more opposite especially as of recent with Hillary’s choices of strange “drapes,” after her pantsuit obsession throughout the election. Melania always looks like a classic beauty and Hillary looks, well, not like a classic beauty. The majority of the time Hillary wears clothing that is way too big and made from drab, unappealing fabric. Far too often now she has shown up to events looking uncharacteristic to her campaign apparel that’s left many people wondering what’s going on.

Recently, Clinton showed up to OzyFest in New York wearing what looked like a mixture of a tent and hospital gown. Of course while she was there she made it a point to bash the president instead of apologizing to everyone there for her awful fashion choices. Many even weighed in on her horrendous fashion choice and just how overall she looked like hell.

Although Melania and Hillary couldn’t be more different in pretty much every way, the two ladies have had comparisons done because they had a couple style similarities and designer preferences. Pretty much the only thing they have in common is their fondness for American designer Ralph Lauren, but who can blame them, as well as a tendency to wear white. Both women love showing their support for American designers and wear them as much as possible.

The Daily Caller reported, The “office” of first lady has often been highly visible and scrutinized by the media. One of such tenants of a first lady’s media presence is her fashion sense, something highly praised and criticized at different points for both ladies.

When Melania initially wore this white pantsuit, many thought she was trying to poke fun at Hillary, given Clinton’s propensity toward wearing the color. Many also wondered if it was a subtle dig towards Pelosi’s #WomenWearWhite campaign. Neither of these claims were addressed by the first lady.

Since the end of the election when Hillary Clinton famously lost to Donald Trump, it’s no secret that she was utterly devastated by the outcome. Her post-presidential look seems to reflect that, along with what some have speculated as designed to hide a medical condition or device. Any reason for Hillary’s sudden style shift has not been formally addressed by her or anyone on her behalf. However, many wonder what happened from the time Hillary actually pulled off a pretty decent pantsuit for once, to now, where she’s often seen in a so-called tent dress or the like?

Just as Melania has been accused of a hidden message in her attire, one could ask the same of Hillary in her polished white pantsuit and now in her unseasonable clothes that some speculate are designed or worn to hide something.

Which of these two first ladies would you prefer to dress like? Which first lady overall would you say is the biggest fashion icon?


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