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Hours After Melania Arrives At Border, Stormy Daniels Shows Up With Nasty Surprise – BAD Idea

Stormy Daniels must be trying to act like the first lady as she plans to visit the Texas border. That’s such a nasty surprise that everyone working down there wasn’t expecting. However, it’s no surprise that she’s trying to leech more fame from political figures or situations in hopes to increase her popularity among strip club enthusiasts and anyone who looked her up on Google. Stormy must be desperate for attention after trying to throw Melania Trump under the bus with that generic scandal and now this. It’s like Stormy wants to be Melania so bad, but Melania is intelligent, speaks multiple languages, and has a bit of class that one doesn’t normally seen by a girl who makes a few bucks by surrounding herself with multiple men and taking a nasty surprise from them at the end of her videos.

Sounds like one big bad idea for the people at the border who are struggling with the immigration situation. Why would her visit be anything meaningful or helpful? It would be insulting to the people who need real help for her to show up and snap photos acting like she’s Mother Theresa.

She was a rather unknown name in the adult industry until she came out of nowhere with the cheating scandal accusations. Now she’s a known name, but that doesn’t mean she’s known in a good way. Her 15 minutes of shame dwindled down like a limp noodle, so now she’s acting like she’s the All-American girl running to the border to save the world from immigration problems? Not so fast! She’s more likely to end up on her back in a Mexican strip club then she is to make any meaningful efforts along the border. Not to mention, what is she going for anyway? Is there’s a brothel in Mexico or Texas that we’re not aware of?

Many aren’t sure what Stormy can really do to help people other than handout business cards and accept pesos for her work in the adult industry. Regardless, she’s going and many believe it’s just another publicity stunt for her to leech some more cheap dollars off people in one way or another. Her critics have been ruthless as she takes advantage of her publicity to market a new fragrance and monetize the attention she’s getting. Many believe this is nothing more than her monetizing on the backs of illegal immigrants.

A fragrance too? One can only imagine what it smells like.

“Stormy Daniels says she is planning a trip to the U.S. southern border in an apparent hope to help migrant families who were separated when entering the country.

Daniels is suing President Donald Trump and his former personal attorney, Michael Cohen, over a hush agreement about an affair she claims she had with Trump. She posted on Twitter Thursday — the same day first lady Melania Trump visited a migrant children’s shelter in Texas — that she planned to head to the southern border sometime next week.

Daniels’ attorney, Michael Avenatti, has recently taken on several cases for immigrant children who were separated from their parents when entering the country illegally. He said he’s working with at least 60 families in several border states.

A Twitter user tweeted to Daniels asking her to help these families: “Stormy please use your platform to help Avenatti and these kids.. ! We know how much you love your child and we need to help their parents get them back.”

Daniels responded that she would be heading down “in a week.”

“Don’t worry,” she wrote. “Just figuring out my best course of action to maximize my resources.”

Daniels has been on a nationwide strip club tour and has a scheduled stop in Texas on July 4. It’s unclear whether she will make any additional stops in Texas. ”

That seems a little bit coincidental that she’s on a strip club tour and has a stop in Texas. That helps paint a brighter picture that she’s simply going to the border to increase the interest in her Texas stop. This seems like nothing more than a publicity stunt to gain some free press.

Let’s not forget how big her pupils were during an interview. Someone on Twitter pointed this out. Of course, this is merely one person’s speculation on Twitter and not a proven fact. However, her pupils seem to be very large. If she’s on something, then is that a concern? If she’s using a substance, legal or illegal, then is she really the type of person who should be around children claiming to help them?

She may not be very attractive to many people, but she’s certainly found a way to make as much money as she can from her debacle with President Trump and her border visit. All of that is fine because many others would do the same thing, but can people stop acting like it’s anything other than taking advantage of publicity in order to make money?

Do you think Stormy is just doing this stuff to make more money before her 15 minutes of shame runs out?


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