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IRATE Olympians Stop Mid-Routine And Make Anchor Pay For Nasty Thing Said During Competition

Remember that old saying, if you can’t say something nice don’t say anything at all? One sports anchor, he is now learning the hard way that sometimes it really is best to keep your opinions to yourself!

Every single Olympic athlete shows dedication and determination to get to where they are. They can’t just wake up one day and win the gold medal without putting in the time and hard work to get there. Many have even sacrificed jobs, friendships, and even relationships along the way. So when a local anchor made a nasty remark Vincent Zhou knew he couldn’t just stand by and let him get away with what he had just said.

According to MSNA Texas-based local sports anchor incurred the wrath of several Olympians on Monday when he argued that figure skating is “not a sport” on Twitter.

Edward Egros, a weekend sports anchor and weekday sports reporter at Dallas’ Fox 4, started a debate on Twitter when he responded to a tweet from another user that stated an activity which required an athlete to choose a song was not a sport, but an “art.” “THANK YOU! I have the utmost respect for figure skaters, only a few people in the universe can do it and they deserve my praise. But it’s not a sport,” Egros tweeted.

Vincent Zhou, a member of the 2018 American Olympic team in figure skating and the 2017 World Junior Champion, quickly responded. The Olympian embedded Egros’ tweet and wrote, “Your job is to be a sports reporter. Figure skating is not a sport to you. Stick to reporting on ‘real sports’, do your job, and we’ll do ours.”

Chris Knierim, one half of an American pair skating team performing in the Pyeongchang Games, replied to Zhou’s tweet with, “You tell him Vincent!!” and a GIF of Will Smith.

Canadian figure skater Jeffrey Buttle, a 2006 Olympics bronze medalist and 2008 World Champion, also chimed in, replying to Egros, “Does that logic apply to all of the ‘sports’ that include any degree of subjectivity. Any sport with an umpire, a ref, or an adjudicator. I have seen so many bad calls, many result-impacting in hockey, soccer, American football, boxing, etc. Ur opinion is urs, I disagree w/ it.”

As of Tuesday, Egros was still defending his claim despite pushback from figure-skating heavyweights. “You want some people to react vociferously on #Twitter without discussing controversial political takes? Say figure skating isn’t a sport,” he wrote in one tweet. “Because I don’t think figure skating is a sport, I think like a caveman. Nevermind the semantic or linguistic reasons, I set humankind back epochs!!!” he added in another.

Figure skating is one of the most watched sports during the Olympics. It really is amazing to see what these athletes can do while skating on ice and for many of us we can barely make it around the skating rink without falling down or holding on to the side! Way to stand up for yourself and the sport that you compete in!


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