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Fans Turn On Kylie Jenner Over Her Controversial New Cosmetic Brushes

Just when you’re feeling pretty great about a selfie you snapped, you see gorgeous Kylie Jenner’s latest shot on Instagram and it’s game over. The Kardashian/Jenner girls have mastered the art of the selfie and look so stunning in every one of them that it’s not fair to compare it to any “average” person’s photo.

However, it’s more than photo filters and perfecting the perfect RBF (resting bitch face) that makes Kylie’s selfies so incredible. Her little secret is out about what she uses and swears by to look so fabulous. She was immediately attacked for it after her loyal fans found out. So we want to know, do you think it’s too much or just the price you pay for perfection?

If you want to look as flawless as Kylie, it comes at quite a cost.

Hollywood Life reports:

Kylie Jenner might have just prompted a serious uproar among her fans! The 20-year-old is rolling out a new cosmetic brush set (out Dec. 13) which is going to be sold for a whopping $360! The steep price tag has fans and followers taking to social media to voice their disgust at what they see as a scam! “How many things can we buy with the $360 that @KylieJenner wants to sale (sic) her brush kit for?” one angry fan wrote. “@hulu w/o commercials for like 3 years? Donate that money to Cali? 4 dog adoptions from a local shelter? So many other smart choices…” Whoa! And that’s just the beginning! Head here to take a peek at more Kylie pics.

“What a rip off, $360 for the whole set? They don’t even look like good brushes, Kylie is way too full of herself and I’d rather support a makeup company that actually has good products, Kylie is mediocre at best,” another critic wrote. “There’s a lot of stuff that’s coming off like ‘play’ makeup. I can still do better and go to Claire’s or literally the dollar store,” yet another angry individual tweeted out. Yikes!

For her part, Kylie didn’t “brush” off the massive outrage. After angered responses kept coming in, she finally addressed the price controversy in a Twitter message to her makeup brush haters.  “I always fight for the lowest price on all my products. Here are some other real brush lines for reference,” she wrote alongside pictures of other pricey brushes for comparison. “But i hear you guys, love you guys and truly just want the best.”

So, she basically justified her price by pointing out that while it’s expensive, she has hers priced at a few bucks less than competitors’ brush kits. That’s probably not going to sit too well with people who are already pissed about it and feel that she’s taking advantage of her fans. Kylie is selling her look and her name through these brushes and we’re pretty sure that “momager” Kris Jenner had a say in what pricing this merchandise at a small fortune she thinks she should get for it.


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