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Khloe Just Revealed Who She’s Having In Delivery Room – Tristan Will Be PISSED!

The Kardashian/Jenner crew are certainly sporting a sweet glow in 2018 but it’s not because of their infamous contouring and highliting kits, at least not totally. Kim, Kylie, and Khloe have all been reported as having a “bun in the oven” however, Kim is using a surrogate due to health risks associated with a third pregnancy. Khloe is set to give birth to her baby first since she’s reportedly already 6 months along, despite having just made the announcement within the last couple weeks. Now, she’s shockinf fans and her baby daddy with who she’s having in the delivery room at the birthing end of the bed.

It appears that all three are completely over the moon about their bundles of joy, as would be expected! Kylie has since taken a step back from the spotlight and is said to stay near her Calabasas home and have friends and family come to her as she wishes not to be photographed at this time. Kim and Khloe on the other hand are very open about what’s to come and well, open in general.

Some women choose privacy when going through the very vulnerable experience of giving birth, but not Khloe. It’s safe to say the delivery room will be facilitating a party during the birth and not in California as you might expect!

Khloe, 33, has been dating Tristan Thompson, 26, for nearly a year. They began dating near the time that Tristan’s ex, Jordan Craig- popular Instagram model, became pregnant then gave birth to Tristan’s now 1 year old son, Prince Oliver. Specific dates are a bit muddled, but we’ll refrain from making any assumptions.

Photo Credt: Khloe Kardashian/Facebook

On Thursday, Jan 4th, Khloe appeared on the Jimmy Kimmel Live show and let us in on some of her pregnancy and birthing plans. She opened up about when she found out she was pregnant explaining that she had her “trusty assistant” Alexa go to the store for her to get a pregnancy test. She didn’t want to be seen buying the test to avoid rumors.

She started suspecting she might be pregnant due to not feeling well for some time and exclaiming that Tristan had his own suspicions as well. Sure enough, it was a full blown positive! Tristan was out of the country when she took the test but immediately rang him up to deliver the news. Despite what you may expect, she did NOT immediately tell her family. Gasp! This was also during the time of filming the latest season of Keeping Up With The Kardashian’s and said that the camera crew knew before her mom and sisters. She waited to tell them until Tristan came back in town so they could tell them together. Awe, all the heart eyes!

When Jimmy asked if she’s received any advice from her sisters, she responded that she has and that some of it was “unwanted.” She joked about Kourtney advising her not to let the baby have any plastic toys and she seemed to think that was a bit over the top. She also reported that Kourtney was less than pleased to hear that she plans on having a TV in the nursery. This is when she made it known that she intends on breastfeeding and that’s the reason for the TV. Anyone that’s been up with a newborn all night can attest to the luxury of having a TV to make it through the task.

What came as the biggest surprise is where she plans on delivering. Tristan Thompson is a professional NBA player for the Cleveland Cavaliers which is where he will be come baby time. A specific calendar day has yet to be revealed, however, TMZ suggests baby Thompson will make his grand appearance in late March.

Khloe hasn’t confirmed whether she will be having a boy or a girl leaving us all on the edge of our seat! Speaking of delivering in Ohio, Khloe told Kimmel she intends on having her mom, Kris Jenner, 62, in attendance. When he asked about which sisters will have the honor of being there, she replied, “whoever won’t annoy me — whoever’s gonna be the calmest, I could deal with.” She said this after stating that her and Kortney have been “fighting a lot lately.” She also stated that she has been to every one of her sister’s deliveries and even got to experience when her mom gave birth to Kylie! Apparently, giving birth is a family affair to the Kardashians. I guess at this point, which sister it will be is somewhat of a mystery but from the looks of it, both Kim and Kylie will most likely have a newborn making it difficult to fly out to Cleveland last minute!

Only time will tell, I suppose. One thing is for sure, 2017 was a fertile year for the celebrity family and we can’t wait to see all the adorable pics that are sure to come in the very near future!  Congrats Kylie, Kim, and Khloe!


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