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Kris Jenner Just Came Out Of Hiding And Shows Off The Bizarre Surgery She Had Done

It’s no secret that the Jenner/Kardashian clan strive for perfection when it comes to their looks.  Between the lasers, botox injections, and implants it’s hard to tell where the real them stops and the plastic begins.  It seems that Kris Jenner has run out of surgeries to get and is resorting to some strange transformations that have her daughters baffled.

Throughout the years, Kris has been particularly insecure about her ears of all things!  It certainly didn’t help when Kim K pointed out on an episode of KUWTK that she has long earlobes.  C’mon Kim, we can’t all be flawless!

Kris decided she could no longer take it anymore and it was time to once again get a little nip and tuck action! On the show, Kris was filmed with her daughters who were trying to help her put together an outfit for an event when she mentioned she needed to wear her cute earmuffs.  When she was asked why she replied, “All I want is just cute ears. Ever since Kim made a comment about my ears I’ve always wondered and now I am looking in the mirror obsessively like, ‘Are they too big?’” Then she said, “I learned that your nose and your ears keep growing your whole life. I think that the decision to do something about my ever-changing ears is suddenly a priority.”  Whatever makes you happy Kris!

She became particularly excited when she visited her plastic surgeon, Dr. Jason B Diamond, and found that the procedure only takes 30 minutes and she’ll be good as new in a matter of three days!  He also boldly told Jenner that it would take 5 to 10 years off her.  I think if that was really the case, hundreds of women would be running to get earlobe surgery, but I’m no doctor!

Kim came alongside her to the appointment.  While the surgery was being performed, it seemed Kim may have been trying to fill Kris’s mind with doubt by saying,  “Oh my God, can you believe you’re cutting your f**king ears off?”  Kris wouldn’t hear any of it and told Kim she was just being mean.  When it was all said and done, Kris was pleased and Kim was even impressed by making the remark,  “Your ear looks like a normal ear now!”  How sweet Kim.

All that matters, I suppose, is that Kris has the ears of her dreams.  What do you think she’ll have done next?

photo credit top: OK/ photo credit bottom: People


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