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L.A. Mayor Says He Doesn’t Want To Remove Trump’s Star, Has A Far Worse Plan Instead

Hollywood is not doing itself any favors these days. Many Americans are offended by the liberal celebrities of Tinsel Town. However, not all of Hollywood is liberal. There are many conservatives there. You just don’t hear from them as much because it’s not safe to air their views if they want to stay employed. I’ve noticed that a number of the new shows coming out this fall are reboots of previous successful shows. It would seem that Hollywood is struggling to come up with new ideas. And these new shows are extremely liberal for the most part. Some of the shows include blurbs about fighting the patriarchy and being feminist in nature. They also push diversity. I personally believe Hollywood has totally lost touch with mainstream America.

Bolstering my belief is Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti and what he just said about President Trump’s Hollywood Walk of Fame star. They just voted to remove Trump’s star in Hollywood in a move that appears unfair and biased to many out there. But Garcetti has even bigger plans in mind for Trump. He wants to obstruct the president’s agenda by turning the House of Representatives deep blue. If the primaries last night were any indication, he’s going to have a big let down.

Garcetti did say that President Trump’s star should stay but that he is now considering running against Trump in the 2020 election. He’ll decide after the midterms when he sees how those play out. TMZ says their recon is solid though and Garcetti will be running for the presidency in 2020. He will probably be one of many vying for the Democratic nomination. It should be interesting, to say the least.

Meanwhile, Garcetti is trying to torpedo President Trump’s trade negotiations. In the last twelve days, he’s been visiting Asia and that included 80 delegates that went with him. They went to China, South Korea, Japan, and Vietnam on a trade mission. You can bet it was not a conservative one. I’m not sure why this is allowed. I used to think the State Department had to sanction such a thing, but times have changed evidently. It probably helps that sponsors are at least footing part of the bill for the trip. Some of those sponsors are Chinese. Garcetti has also traveled recently to New Hampshire, Iowa, and South Carolina. It sure looks like he’s prepping a run here even though he is being harshly criticized for traveling to 83 countries since being in office, spending taxpayer funds with little to no transparency, and not adequately addressing the homeless and crime issues in Los Angeles.

Garcetti claims he is not interested in his next job, but his 12-day Asia tour is reportedly to drum up business and tourism for Los Angeles. “I’m concerned about this country, period. I think all of us should be. This is the worst moment I’ve lived in my lifetime,” he said, making his disdain for President Trump abundantly clear. Among his many concerns are climate change, civil rights, and America’s stature abroad. It is typical progressive fodder and appeals to the Democratic base.

“There are a couple of things missing in this country: kindness, moral leadership, and people who deliver, who don’t invent problems they can’t solve, but look at real problems and address them. Potholes, infrastructure, making college free, [raising] the minimum wage,” Garcetti said. That sounds very similar to what Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has been pushing on her socialist plank.

Not everyone in Los Angeles on the left or the right is thrilled with Garcetti’s jet-setting and spending either. The records on what it costs taxpayers for Garcetti’s security detail alone to travel with him are being suppressed. The LAPD has refused to say, Garcetti has deferred to the police, and the L.A. Times has filed a lawsuit to find out. Good for them.

No one has ever leap-frogged in politics directly from City Hall to the White House, but these are strange days. However, I wouldn’t place any money on Garcetti succeeding this way in becoming president. “Garcetti has as much of a chance as Trump did two years before the 2016 election, and as much as Obama had two years before 2008,” said Fernando Guerra, director of Loyola Marymount University’s Center for the Study of Los Angeles. That’s true, who knows? But President Trump has a very strong following that seems to only be getting stronger. Winning the Democratic nomination is one thing, beating Trump is an entirely different matter.

Garcetti’s problem is that he is so far down the list of potential Democratic nominees, he’s almost invisible. Even among Californians, you’d have to rank him behind U.S. Sen. Kamala Harris, if not U.S. Rep. Adam Schiff. Frankly, he wasn’t even on my radar until Hollywood threatened to remove Trump’s star. And then you’ve got Sens. Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders and former Vice President Joe Biden at the top of the list, each of them miles ahead of Garcetti in terms of name recognition and access to money. It’s more likely that Garcetti is trying to brand himself so he can get a cabinet position if a Democrat beats Trump. With Trump’s popularity, he will again most likely have to learn to live with disappointment.


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