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Life-Altering Announcement Just Came Out About Malia Obama – Michelle IS NOT Happy!

Former first daughter Malia Obama has lived a charmed life of entitlement and privilege, beginning from the moment she moved into the White House. Nearly ten years later, she’s living away from her parents, but still on their dime at pricey Harvard and doing whatever she wants away from their watchful eye. Michelle Obama has touted herself as an overprotective mother and her eldest daughter as a daddy’s girl, but as we’ve seen over the last year that neither are the case. In fact, both are far from it, as a life-altering announcement about Malia now proves.

Some are speculating if Michelle is trying to save face and her reputation of being a perfect parent after Malia’s hard-partying ways during her “gap year” before college and now in college, have more than caught up with her. The eldest Obama darling has been seen drunk at concerts, accused of smoking marijuana in an incriminating photo where that appeared to be the case, and even cursed out star-struck fans who crossed her path and wanted a photo with her.

All of these incidents and more have resulted in a massive dose of bad publicity for the teen who doesn’t like all the negative attention she’s getting. Now, Michelle has come out saying she warned her little girl and she didn’t listen, now she’s going to be affected for the rest of her life. However, Michelle should take some of the responsibility for her daughter’s bad decisions.

Malia recently was first spotted making out with her new boyfriend while they were both at the Harvard-Yale football game and since then she has been spotted making questionable choices. Watching Malia spiral out of control has made her parents question whether or not she listened to the important advice that they gave her.

According to Town and CountryLike every mother of a college-bound freshman, Michelle Obama gave her daughter some advice. And Malia, in turn, did what every kid does and didn’t heed her mom’s wise words when she started at Harvard last fall.

“Don’t wind up on Page Six,” is what the former first lady told her daughter, according to the New York Post gossip column itself.

The column covered Malia’s 19th birthday at the Surf Lodge in the Hamptons, along with her time at the Sundance Film Festival and Lollapalooza. It also documented her visit to Aspen’s legendary Cloud Nine Alpine Bistro.

Malia’s father, meanwhile, previously revealed that he was almost no help when he and Michelle moved Malia into her Harvard dorm.”I was basically useless,” Barack Obama told David Letterman in the first episode of his new series, My Next Guest Needs No Introduction. ” The former president said he was so emotional that it took him half an hour to put a lamp together for his daughter.

And it doesn’t look like Michelle has any intention of following in her husband’s footsteps. When asked this week at Klick Health’s Muse event in New York about rumors that she might run for president, she demurred: “There’s some bright young people out there doing amazing things. I think it’s a better investment to invest in creating thousands of me’s because we don’t need just one.”

Whether or not Malia’s parents are happy with some of the choices she is making, it could always be making worse. She is not doing anything different than other kids her age. Being a former presidents daughter, someone is always watching. While her friends are doing the same type of things they just don’t end up on Page Six like her! It’s tough being thrust into the spotlight like this because of the life your parents raised you in.


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