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Major Karma Just Destroyed Trump-Hating George Clooney At 60 MPH

Celebrities always appear to have it all, beautiful homes, expensive cars, they go on luxurious vacations, etc. They live very glamorous lives which leave many jealous of all that they have but even though being a celebrity may come with a lot of perks, but it does not save you from what some may consider karma or just unfortunate realities of our mortality.

Many believe that they are invincible from anything bad happening to them but once again fate just proved that isn’t the case. George Clooney has not been afraid to hide his feelings about Donald Trump and some may feel that he had it coming because it seems that karma caught up to him. This isn’t the first time that the “Trump Curse” has sent one of Hollywood’s leading men to the hospital from an accident. It seems that horrible things keep happening, one by one, to each person with something bad to say about Trump, and this is another horrific example of that.

The 57-year-old just experienced something that has only happened to him so far on the big screen. While heading to the set to film his mini-series, Catch 22, when the unthinkable happened.

According to TMZ, Turns out George Clooney’s scooter accident was way more serious than everyone first thought … because we’ve learned the actor literally became a human projectile after impact.

Sources with direct knowledge of the crash tell TMZ … Clooney was doing 60 MPH when a car suddenly pulled in front of him. Clooney was thrown from his bike and his helmet struck the car’s windshield, causing it to shatter. The force of the impact actually broke his helmet.

Our sources say Clooney was hurled TWENTY FEET in the air … he was actually propelled over the car he hit.

We contacted Clooney’s rep who confirmed these details.

Clooney was taken by ambulance to a nearby hospital, treated and released. He’s at home recovering. We’re told none of the injuries were life-threatening.

As we reported, the accident occurred on the Italian island of Sardinia.

We are glad that things didn’t turn out worse for the actor and the other motorist involved. Clooney will continue to be monitored by the hospital staff as an outpatient for the next 20 days and he will be back on set to film his mini-series in a few days.


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