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Major NFL Player Mocks MAGA With His Own Sick Hat That Says Who Made America Great

The left thinks they are incredibly clever. Sometimes too clever by half. They despise President Trump’s iconic red hat that serves as a constant reminder that he’s a leader who has kept his campaign promise to “Make America Great Again.” Perhaps it’s just too positive and shows that Trump is a man of his word and whose actions disprove their constant complaints about him.

The leftist NFL is now infamous for showing their hatred of all things attributable to President Trump or to America in general. Their obscene insistence of kneeling during the National Anthem that displayed a loathing of America, the police, the military and our freedoms, almost put them out of business. Last season, one of the first players to begin the kneeling trend that almost dismantled the league was Seattle Seahawks’ defensive end, Michael Bennett. He’s back again this season, now with the Philadelphia Eagles, and a nasty new message on his version of the MAGA hat.

Bennett wore a red cap this week that mocked President Trump’s signature “Make America Great Again” slogan with his own: “Immigrants Made America Great.” Clever… not. Bennett wore the hat after practice on Wednesday. This show of disrespect from the Philadelphia Eagles defensive end is just one more instance of Trump Derangement Syndrome as the president faces an ongoing backlash over his “zero-tolerance” policy at the border.

Currently, the NFL Players Association (NFLPA) has filed a grievance against the NFL over the league’s new policy requiring players to remain standing during the National Anthem, or else stay in the locker room. They are subject to hefty fines if they violate this policy. The NFL later said in a statement that it was “working on a resolution to the anthem issue” with the NFLPA. But that won’t solve the divide over all of this. Bennett is a symptom of a rift over those who love and respect America and our freedoms, and those who despise what she stands for.

Bennett mocking MAGA with his own sick version of it isn’t witty or insightful. A lot of proud patriots think it’s pathetic. America loves and welcomes immigrants who come here legally through the front door, not by breaking the law by coming through a porous back door that is our southern border. Bennett was among the athletes in the league who knelt during the anthem last year while playing for the Seattle Seahawks. He has also spoken out against Trump and slammed the president for stooping to new lows after he said NFL owners should fire any “son of a b*tch” who kneels during the anthem, according to CNN.

Bennett has been very active in anthem protests and in making false accusations against law enforcement. Most notably, Bennett made unsubstantiated charges against the Las Vegas Police Department in August of 2017, when he claimed that he had been handcuffed and threatened by officers for “no other reason than I am black and my skin color is somehow a threat.” Bennett also said that the officers told him to lie on the ground, otherwise they were going to “blow [his] f*cking head off.” That’s not exactly what happened. Not even close.

In reality, Bennett became the focus of these officers because he behaved in an extremely suspicious manner while police investigated what they believed to be an active shooter situation. He was cuffed because he ran from the officers and at no point did Bennett’s attorney, or the video police released of the incident, show an officer threatening to blow Bennett’s head off. In other words, he lied his head off. That’s no way to make America great again.

And Bennett wasn’t alone. From 247Sports:

“Bennett wasn’t the only Eagles player demonstrating after practice Wednesday. Malcolm Jenkins also had a shirt fighting for education amongst the youth with a message on Twitter.

“We deny our young quality education and opportunity then punish them for not finding a way to overcome their challenging circumstances. We waste money punishing kids who need restoration, healing, and education.

“Our shameful practices highlight our struggles & failures as a country to overcome our issues of racism. The glaring disparities that exist in how we treat children of color should be embarrassing. A black child is 5x’s as likely to be detained/incarcerated than their white peers.

“The 5,000 children currently serving time in ADULT PRISONS are disproportionately represented by black and brown bodies. We must face the raw truth about the treatment of black in brown kids in our educational system and our justice system. They are our future #SchoolsNotPrisons.”

Bennett and others somehow want to convince Americans that they should despise President Trump and all he stands for. Meanwhile, Bennett can’t seem to stay out of trouble with law enforcement. The guy makes a ton of money but still insists on playing the victim when he gets in trouble. It’s always the fault of the police or President Trump, but never Bennett’s own doing. He’s a typical radical leftist whose identity politics center around race. I’m not impressed and the only thing that makes this a real story is that Bennett seems to believe breaking the law will make America great again. Only in his demented imagination can wrong be right. The notion seems to be contagious on the left these days.

Bennett should stick to playing football and stay out of politics period. MAGA is more than a hat, it’s a way of viewing America and all her greatness. Bennett doesn’t get that sentiment and will never understand it, but the majority of Americans do. We can certainly make do without another nasty, over-priced, elitist football player who doesn’t know what he’s talking about.


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