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Major Star Just Destroyed His Acting Career After Threat He Issued To Trump!

One of Hollywood’s leading actors has been very outspoken with his intent to do everything in his power to take down President Trump and has even vowed to defeat him in a sickening way. He is apart of a group with a mission to make sure that a Democrat will be in office during the next election which back every divisive liberal group there is in America to push a major progressive agenda. His involvement includes a hefty lineup of liberal think tanks, many of which are funded by globalist George Soros.

We Stand United, Political Action and Stand Up America hosted an event this particular star was at. They were joined by representatives from United We Dream, AFSCME, Women’s March, Planned Parenthood and other organizations of the resistance movement against President Trump’s administration. Where all this anti-American evil gathers to devise a plan, you can only imagine what plot comes from it.

After the devastating school shooting happened in Parkland, Florida, he decided to use the tragedy as another opportunity to go against the Trump administration. It is very unfortunate that he decided that it was a good time to use this devastating situation as a platform to once again speak out and is making good on his promise to go against the president.

Unfortunately for him, he is going to learn the hard way that it always backfires on celebs when they do this because Trump supporters aren’t afraid to boycott supporting them. He is also pushing divisive messages for no other purpose than to take a popular side when that’s not actually going to solve or prevent another shooting from happening.

According to Just JaredMark Ruffalo is dapper in a suit while attending the Frederique Constant Hybrid 3.0 Watch Launch conference held on Wednesday (February 21) in New York City.

The 50-year-old actor took to his Twitter today (February 22) to call out Donald Trump for his statements about bringing more guns into schools by arming “adept teachers with military or special training experience.”

“Since we have made AR15s easier to buy we have seen more mass shootings. More guns, more easily had = more mass murders,” Mark tweeted in response. “Australia outlawed this type of gun, never happened again. Less guns = less mass murder. It’s simple. Putting more guns in schools will = more shootings.”

Mark Ruffalo is among many others in Hollywood who are working together to do everything they can to go against the president and they are trying to make it impossible for the president to do his job effectively. Luckily Trump has many of his own supporters who won’t let these “A-List” celebs take over America. Sometimes they need to stick to what they do best, act, and leave the politics to people who know what they are doing.


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