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Marine Left Shaking After Receiving Alarming Wedding Gift Said To ‘Protect’ Him

A brave young Marine penned a story about a time that his father left him shaking after sending along a gift of his love. The story comes with quite a catch as the gift given by his father came almost ten years after the man’s father had passed away. It was a gift from the heavens, but it was carried by a friend. The gift was nothing less than amazing and it was a true gift of love from a father to a son to celebrate his wedding.

While the father had been passed away for a long time, the gift had been passed on years before his sudden passing and will leave a memory in the Marine’s heart and mind forever. Not only will he remember it, but it this story will carry on with such a brilliant and loving message that will have readers remembering a time when their own father or mother did something sweet for them. It’s not every day that we get such a wonderful gift from above, but sometimes we get such a great story that leaves a lasting impression. This is one of those times.

Love What Matters wrote:

“The relationship with my father is tumultuous at its center. Growing up my dad had a lot of issues that he never really worked through, so he did what he saw from his own father growing up. He turned to alcohol. He struggled with this addiction through most of my childhood and it finally got the point where he had to leave. It broke my heart because my father was my hero. He talked about his time in the Army and the great memories he had. He would make me breakfast most Saturdays and sit down and watch old Looney Tunes. He gave me the appreciation I have now of John Wayne, Clint Eastwood and musicians like Neil Diamond. I knew two sides of my dad. The man that cared more about his family than anything, the man that would give the shirt off his back to help a stranger, and the other side. The man who struggled with his own demons and never could get past them.

When I was thinking about who I wanted as my groomsmen, I knew I wanted Ben there since he was such a major part in making my life into what it was. He accepted, and we made plans to meet up the night before with everyone else from my groomsmen party. But before everyone else showed up, he came to my hotel room and sat down with me.

He brought out this pistol I had never seen before. It was nice. All black, 9mm with great heft and felt natural and comfortable in my hand. He asked me what I thought about it and I told him how great I thought it was and asked where he got it.

He said, ‘Well, it’s for you…’

I didn’t get it, so he laughed and said, ‘No really, it’s yours. Your dad gave it to me to hold on to for you.’

I didn’t really understand what he was saying. My dad had been dead for almost 9 years. There is no way that this was from him. He then told me that when he was still in the Marine Corps, he had met with my dad and my dad had given him this pistol. He told Ben that one day when Ben felt I was a man, or when I was getting married, that he should give this to me and tell me it was from my father.

At this point, I couldn’t really see. The pistol was still in my hand and I was shaking and obviously silently crying. This must have happened sometime before I had even graduated high school. My dad had thought of this and wanted me to have something from him to help protect what was important in my life. He knew one day I was going to need something to protect me and what was mine when he was no longer there. It still makes me tear up even today when I think about what must have been going through his head and how much he really loved me.

I stood up and hugged Ben and thanked him for holding onto it for so long for me. I couldn’t put it into words. That pistol is now in my home. It shoots straight, fires reliably, and would continue firing through sand, dirt, and rain. He chose it because he wanted something that I could rely on in life. I think it was a way to make it up to me.

I don’t just look at it as a weapon. I look it at now as a final act of love from a father to his son.”

Some critics will chastise the man for receiving a weapon as a gift from his father. However, he’s a Marine, so this gift is perfectly fitting and could be used to protect his family. The gift shows love and the desire of the man to provide his son with a tool of protection.

The father clearly loved his son and it seems like the love was happily reciprocated.


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