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Melania Horrified Over Mysterious Trump Tower Death After Who Was Killed – ‘Changes Everything’

The recent 50th-floor fire in a residential apartment of the Trump Tower in Manhattan, New York City New York has shaken the Trump family, especially First Lady Melania Trump. The Trump family previously lived there prior to entering the White House and still own their residence there. However, the Trump children still live in the apartments they own. But one of the most shaken of them all was the First Lady.

Hollywood Life reported,

Melania Trump, 47, has been left shaken by the recent, tragic fire that happened at Trump Tower on Mar. 7 that claimed one life. A source close to Melania EXCLUSIVELY gave us the deets about how she handled the scary news. “Thankfully, neither Donald or Melania were in New York when the fire broke out, but it was still terrifying none the less,” our source said. “Melania was horrified to learn that there had been a death, in addition to a number of firefighters injured. That news really helped put things in perspective.”

At first, Melania and Donald Trump, 71, were worried that the fire would spread to their home, but that they soon became concerned about the danger to others. “Initially, upon hearing of the fire, Melania and Donald were concerned that it might spread to their apartment and cause irreparable damage to some very valuable and cherished possessions that they both have,” our source went on to say. “However, upon hearing that there had been a fatality, any worries about material possessions paled in comparison.”

When it comes down to it, the whole event really put things into perspective for Melania, who has vowed to stay with Donald through thick and thin. “An event like this really forces you to take stock of what’s most important in life, and that’s the well-being of those you love, and those around you,” our source added. “Both Melania and Donald are grateful for the ceaseless bravery of New York City’s fire fighters, and they are praying for the speedy and full recovery of all those who were injured yesterday, in addition to sending their thoughts and prayers to the deceased resident’s family and loved ones — such a terrible tragedy.””

Not only did one man die but six individuals were injured, several of whom were firefighters who tried extinguishing the fire. Spokeswoman Angelica Conroy of the Fire Department said that the fatality was of a man who was 67 years old and lived in the apartments. The gentleman was announced has dead once he arrived at the hospital and had been unconscious and unresponsive when he was dragged out of the fire. Fortunately, none of the Trump family members were there when the fire occurred and there were no injuries within the family.

CNN reported,

“The upper-level residential floors are not equipped with fire sprinklers, according to Nigro. When asked to comment on the President’s tweet, Nigro said the building “sure stood up quite well.” His son, Eric Trump, also congratulated the firefighters before news of the death, saying “the @FDNY and @NYPD are truly some of the most incredible people anywhere!”

Brassner’s apartment was valued at $2.5 million, according to bankruptcy documents from 2015. Brassner had an extensive collection of prized works of art, including a portrait of himself by Andy Warhol, as well as hundreds of guitars and ukeleles, according to the bankruptcy documents.

The fire at Trump Tower comes three months after a minor fire broke out in a cooling tower on the roof of the building, according to CNN affiliate WCBS-TV. Two people were injured in the fire, which officials said may have been caused by electrical heaters inside the cooling tower.”

When news broke that there was a fatality the identity of the man who passed was revealed. It turns out that he was an avid art collector who had spent time with Andy Warhol but shortly thereafter fell upon hard times and more recently had filed for bankruptcy proceedings. His name was Todd Brassner.

CBS News reported,

“The city’s Department of Buildings said Sunday the building did have working hard-wired smoke detectors, and that the fire department was first notified of the blaze by the detectors in the building’s heating and ventilation system. A cause had not yet been determined.

Brassner, who records show bought his unit in 1996, is mentioned several times in Warhol’s posthumously published diaries, with references including lunch dates and shared taxis. The artist signed and dedicated at least one print to him.

But in recent years, Brassner came upon money difficulties. According to documents, his family had stopped helping him pursue buying and selling art at the end of 2014, and in the last few years he had been “plagued with debilitating medical problems that have made it difficult for him to function.””

He and his family will be in everyone’s thoughts and prayers.

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