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Melania Just Did It To Stormy 12Hrs After Vile Thing She Said About Barron – The Gloves Are OFF!

Disgusting Trump-accuser Stormy Daniels has really stretched out her 15 minutes of fame after appearing on “60 Minutes” last night in a tell-all interview that completely crossed the line. She shared every uncomfortable and salacious detail about her alleged affair with Donald Trump which was hard enough for Melania Trump to have to endure, but she bravely did so.

However, there was one particularly vile admission the porn star made about the young First Son Barron Trump that went too far. Melania is rightfully furious and has now broken her silence on this foul scandal that just reached a new level of depravity.

Barron has been the undeserved target of attack by many liberals who somehow think it’s okay to trash a child who has done nothing other than be born to two people these leftists simply don’t like. It’s not okay for an adult to bully a child, in fact, it’s really disturbing. What makes it worse, in when an attention-seeking woman who has accused this boy’s father of having an affair with her, brings this boy’s name up in a sickening way.

According to Cosmopolitan, For those of you who didn’t catch Stormy Daniels’s 60 Minutes interview last night (lol is there anyone out there who didn’t?), the adult film star dropped many a bombshell, one of which was that Donald Trump told her he and Melania were sleeping in separate bedrooms by the time their alleged affair happened. Melania and her entire team hadn’t addressed the situation at all … until now.

“While I know the media is enjoying speculation & salacious gossip, Id like to remind people there’s a minor child whose name should be kept out of news stories when at all possible,” Melania’s director of communications Stephanie Grisham tweeted while the interview was airing

Grisham is undoubtedly referring to Donald and Melania’s 12-year-old son Barron Trump who’d just been born around the time of the alleged affair. Many on Twitter have pointed out that there are actually two children whose privacy deserves to be respected here: Barron and Stormy Daniels’s daughter (Daniels alleges a man physically threatened her in 2011 while she was with her then-infant child).

Since Stormy stories began breaking, Melania has continued tweeting on unrelated topics and fulfilled most of her public engagements without mention of the news. Even more noticeable, though, is POTUS’s silence — Stormy Daniels may be the one person who’s come for him who he hasn’t mentioned even once on Twitter.

Melania once again proved to be the bigger person and is handling everything with such class. Unfortunately, this scandal is nowhere near over. Stormy’s lawyer is out to get the president and he may even have to testify in court about the case in the next few months.

Hopefully, everyone remembers that there are innocent children involved and they should be left out of the mess.


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