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This Is What NASTY Teen Posted On Facebook After KILLING 2 People [ Photo In Article]

It’s no secret that social media today has desensitized the human race.  So many people live their life wide open for followers to see.  This is the case for one young woman who made sure to post about taking the lives of two innocent men only hours after it happened.

Lancaster, California teen Brianna Longoria, 18, blew through a stop sign at a marked intersection in a more or less remote area with two other friends in her blue Honda.  Unfortunately, the unidentified gentlemen in the tan Toyota had begun to proceed into the intersection after having already stopped at the sign.  They were T-boned and pushed nearly 50 feet into the shoulder.

They were killed instantly.

Brianna and her two friends were transported to the hospital as a precaution and were discharged for minor injuries.

Longoria’s strange behavior has left people quite puzzled. Only a couple of hours after the crash, she made this post on her Facebook page: “Im all over the news bad car crash 2 died.”  Most people in this situation would be completely devastated and posting on social media would be the last thing on their mind.  It almost seemed as though the sole purpose of her post was to boast about her temporary popularity status about being “all over” the news.  Granted, she is young, but it is still strange that she would take so quickly to social media after what some would find to be a traumatizing situation.

Authorities have stated that it does not appear that she was on her phone or under the influence of drugs or alcohol, nor does it look like excessive speed was the issue.  Further investigation is necessary to find out why she blazed through the intersection without stopping, but she’s not out of the hot seat yet.  She could be charged as an adult if police find any new information against her.  According to Daily Mail, Claims have been made on Facebook saying that it is a possibility that she could have a medical condition that caused her to have a seizure at the wheel, but again, nothing has been confirmed.

photo credit Metro News

Our condolences go out to the family of the two men who lost their lives that treacherous afternoon.

-Skyla Stone


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