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New Pic Of Trumps Goes Viral For Foul Reason After What Disturbed People See On Closer Look

Every week there is a new attack on the Trump family from the left-leaning media.  No matter what they do, they are viciously attacked for the most absurd reasons. Most of the time it’s for petty reasons like something someone wore or how they look. They’ve even gone after Donald and Melania’s son Barron. In a recent article, a question was posed to President Trump, “if you can give your 25-year-old self-advise, what would it be?” He replied, “don’t run for president.” I’m sure that the constant personal attacks and lies about the Russians have taken a toll on his family.

In a recent article by a liberal celebrity site this week, they took aim at Melania. Hollywood life wrote:  “Melania Trump posed for a rare photo with President Donald Trump and our body language expert is weighing in!”

Melania Trump, 47, doesn’t often make appearances with President Donald Trump, 71, especially since the Stormy Daniels, 38, controversy took flight. However, the First Lady posed for a photo with the polarizing president on Thursday morning, March 22.

The pair smile for the camera with snow-covered Washington, D.C. behind them. But, although the couple appears chummy in the image, body language expert Dr. Lillian Glass says there are some clear signs that this marriage is in shambles. “Melania looks tormented and as though she’s been suffering,” Dr. Glass tells EXCLUSIVELY.

“Just in general when she has been out in public whether she’s giving a speech or simply walking with Donald Trump, she looks fed up and absolutely miserable.”

She went on to explain that throughout the image are indications that Melania and her husband are attempting to put on a brave face amid troubling circumstances.

“What you see in the picture that gives everything away is their smiles are not genuine. Donald Trump is grinning and his teeth are clenched. Melania’s lower body is not leaning into his and her shoulders are in back of his.” This is hardly the first time Melania’s shown her disapproval of her husband and his behavior in a photo. Head here to take a look back at more times the First Lady’s body language spoke volumes!

Dr. Glass added that there is a coldness between Donald and Melania that they can’t hide from the camera. “They’re not even holding hands and he’s in front of her. He leans into her with his body trying to sell the connection, and she isn’t receptive. If they were really in love, they would be flaunting it by holding hands. First Couples of the past have never been shy about displaying their affection towards each other.Melania looks like she dreads being near Donald.”

With Stormy’s 60 Minutes interview scheduled to air on Sunday, March 25, we doubt this seemingly strained relationship will be improving anytime soon.

The fact that they use a person who they call “an expert,” to analyze a picture of Melania shows how disparate their attacks have become. The picture, taken at the White House while it is snowing is hardly a rare photo of the president and his wife. She certainly doesn’t appear to be distant or unhappy in the photo. Maybe their expert should have told them the obvious truth, that this is a constant witch hunt that is petty and small minded.


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