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News Station SCREWED After What’s Seen On LIVE Olympic Broadcast They Didn’t Know Was Showing

An ABC 7 News anchor in Chicago was reporting on the events unfolding at the 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea on Monday when horrified viewers noticed what was being shown right behind him. The reporter and apparently the cameraman were both completely clueless of what everyone was seeing as he talked about the political issues surrounding what’s turned into the be the most controversial Olympics in recent history. However, viewers were more concerned about what the local station let slip onto the screen without knowing it was showing, rather than what the anchor was saying.

Mainstream media outlets can’t fathom why they have lost so much credibility recently or why their ratings continue to plummet. One of the biggest offenders of biased reporting is CNN, but now ABC News is suffering from the same reputation loss in what was caught on their recent broadcast. Someone is probably going to lose their job over this.

The Olympics are well underway in PyeongChang, South Korea right now and haven’t been free from controversy as many athletes from Team USA are broadcasting their agendas from the world’s stage, along with their hate for our administration. Meanwhile, the staff at ABC7 in Chicago are struggling with the spelling of the Olympic location and made a really unfortunate error that’s too late to fix.

While it’s hard to spell Korean words, names, and places, defaulting to the only Asian association you have in place of the getting it right, doesn’t pass.

Time Magazine reports:

A local Chicago News station is getting roasted online for appearing to confuse Asian-themed chain restaurant P.F. Chang’s with the 2018 Olympics host city, PyeongChang, South Korea.

While WLS-TV weekend anchor Mark Rivera delivered a report on the political climate surrounding this year’s Winter Games on Saturday, the ABC affiliate mistakenly ran a graphic that read “P.F. Chang 2018” behind him. The Internet, of course, quickly latched onto the error.

The station later apologized, stating that the graphic had been created for a “satirical piece” that aired on Friday, according to the Chicago Tribune. However, the damage was already done and by Sunday, even the restaurant itself had latched onto the joke.

(Broadcast shown below)

In an effort to save some face, a spokesperson for the network tried to explain what really happened but seems like a strange excuse. “Jayme Nicholas, explained that the ‘P.F. Chang 2018’ backdrop was created for a different ‘satirical piece’ where the station encouraged viewers to create their own Olympics,” Next Shark reported. I guess time will tell if that segment actually comes up or maybe it will no matter what now after the spokesperson put it out there.

While it’s all fun and games and the mistake offered some free publicity for the restaurant chain, how many people were on set that either missed this or didn’t realize the obvious error? It’s strange that it got past so many people or perhaps the graphics person was just playing a joke. Either way, it’s hard to take anything WLS-TV says seriously when they can let this slip by or simply not even bother to do a quick search of how to spell the place where the Olympic games are taking place.

Watch the embarrassing broadcast here:


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