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Obama’s Neighbors Want Him GONE After Seeing Disgusting Thing He’s Doing At His D.C. Mansion

During a time when the nation has been extremely divided with multiple issues that have rocked the U.S., our former president is surprising everyone with his latest actions. It is no surprise that Barack Obama was not thrilled when Donald Trump was elected to be the president and he has made his feelings known toward what Trump stands for and his plans to make America great again. But did Obama just make a huge decision that has many thinking he is being a huge hypocrite?

In the midst of massive controversy over President Donald Trump’s border wall, arrogant Barack Obama, who has been one of the biggest opponents of this idea, has the audacity to build a wall around his own home and have guards there to help protect them. He has also talked a lot about how safe America is now and that crime is down, yet he needs to build a wall as well as have guards there to protect his family.

He can’t possibly preach against protecting America while he’s in the midst of construction of protecting his own home from outsiders. And isn’t Trump wanting to do the same thing but to keep all of America safe, not just his own family?

According to Independent MinuteFormer President Obama is reportedly building a wall around his new Washington, D.C. mansion to protect himself and his family.

Since leaving office, Obama and the former First family moved into a $5.3 million mansion in the nation’s capital, where they will stay while daughter Sasha finishes school. In their newly-renovated home, the Obama family reportedly added a wall around the property to protect them.

This development came after Obama signed a bill in 2013 that renewed the law that gave presidents Secret Service protection for life, which would effectively protect himself as well his fellow living presidents Bush and Clinton.

The story quickly went viral, with many pointing out the hypocrisy in Obama’s wall construction considering the outrage surrounding President Trump’s Mexican border wall proposal.

“It is ironic that Mr. Obama wanted to build a security fence around his new residence but wanted an open border without security for the country when he was in office. Does this show that he cares only about his own security and not about America’s security?” one Newsiosity reader commented.

“This is bull shit. They don’t need that much protection at the cost of taxpayers. How much are we suppose to pay when we can’t even afford insurance and some can’t afford to put food on the table. When is it going to stop?” another added.

Some readers felt as though Obama was being too cautious considering how he constantly spoke of lower crime rates and a safer America in general during his two terms in office.

“Why did obummer mention about the rental daughter being safe for school? She still has to leave the rental house for school! Anyway, why should the taxpayers money pay for this wall and his security? With all the crime obummer has committed while living in the people’s house, he doesn’t deserve any security or benefits now that he’s out of the people’s house! He has stolen from the taxpayers and has done a great deal more than obummer should have to pay back all the money that was wasted on the luxury vacations and golfing vacations!” another added.

Everyone needs to see this gross double standard and ask themselves why he doesn’t care about average citizens being safe in their homes since he’s proven the importance of a wall having put one on his own property. He really never cared about the country, he has always only cared about himself. To make matters worse, he’s using the money he made during his presidency to build his wall that he denied to the rest of the country.


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