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Ohio On Brink Of State Of Emergency After What 4 Teens Did – Warning Of Imminent All Out WAR

Four teens in Ohio have become the center of massive controversy today for what they did that could now soon start an all-out war in the Toledo area. However, it’s not so much for their actions, but the reactions to it that’s causing explosive rage and for the wrong reason. Unfortunately, racism is alive and well in our country and there are people who wish to perpetuate it and are doing so at all cost including this disgusting new tactic that’s just proven a much larger issue in society.

Sometimes the information we receive is deceiving and dangerous. That’s never been as much the case then within the last couple of months of information suppression on social media from one side, and promotion of the other. When media outlets create a slant on a story to make you believe something about a person’s race or religion in an effort to invoke a stronger reaction integrity is lost and exceptionally dangerous territory has been reached. We’re seeing that today.

These four teens in Ohio loaded a sandbag full of rocks and dropped it off of an overpass. The result was that the bag killed a man in a car below. What happens next, is where things go dangerously wrong. We know the killed victim is black, that’s all over the news and included in many headlines. Given the juvenile suspects’ ages and perhaps because of other reasons, names, descriptions, race, and other identifying factors have not been formally released. However, courtroom video shows something really alarming about these particular teens.

While all 4 teens plead guilty to manslaughter and the teen who dropped the bag plead guilty to murder, the judge who is white, changed the sentencing at last minute. They were only sentenced to Toledo’s Lucas County Youth Treatment Center for 6 to 8 months. The family of the victim, 22-year-old Marquis Byrd was outraged at the sentencing, along with the black community across the US. Throughout the article the face of Marquis, a black male, was prominent.

You can see how this is shaping up. Because of there ages, their faces could not be shown, but it’s clear that the Atlanta Black Star was indicating that the 4 teens where white. At least initially, this media outlets even used a picture of 4 white teens who murdered a white man in Flint Michigan, as the featured/cover image of their story, despite it being from a totally unrelated story and are not the teens involved in this case.

The story that was written by even starts with an inflammatory title: “Ohio Teens That Killed Black Man Will Receive No Jail Time.”

It wasn’t until ABC News did there own article that also came with a video that cleared the air on the races of the young men. While still not showing the faces you can see the race of the teens. All four teens seen in this video, while faces are hidden, are dark-skinned youth.

While their actual races haven’t been mentioned anywhere, perhaps to capitalize on assumption that they were white considering that the victim’s race was noted, it’s clear that these criminal teens are not white in the courtroom footage. Facts were omitted so people would and did jump to violent conclusions about discrimination in America. Ironically, the white teens in Michigan were handed far stricter sentences than these suspects in Ohio.

Teens suspects (left) in deadly Michigan attack that killed white man (right) after they hurled rocks at cars from an overpass

This recent story from Ohio was written and presented in a way to perpetuate the divide in America. This fact that the white teens were more heavily punished than the others who killed Marquis, completely dismantle the argument. However, comments flooded the post on this story, with one angry person after another all blaming racism and white people. This comment below is just one example of hundreds with the same tone:

“So our black youth don’t get to be rehabilitated?? Awh i forgot we animals and a threat to society!!!! Only god is real Judge and that ll never change just like justice system😟😡”

It’s articles like the one written by the that continues to perpetuate the problem. Knowing the difference in punishment for the same crime, it’s only one side who is angered and it’s those who fell victim to their own, incorrect, biases.  Most people who read articles like that don’t check into it and just assume they are telling the truth. The only “fact-checking,” suppression and information control going on is on the other end of the issue – targeting conservatives.

You have to wonder and recognize what the underlying ulterior motive is for doing this. It’s all irrelevant in a society when real issues could be solved by addressing the reality of what’s happening. It doesn’t matter what raced these teens in Ohio are, what they did was atrocious, just like what the white teens in Michigan did was equally as horrifying and unacceptable. It’s a behavior, entitlement issue, irresponsibility, and lack of parenting problem across the country that needs to be tackled — not a race debate.


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