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Oklahoma Mom Embarrassed Over What Blake Shelton Left Inside Daughter’s Book – ‘Tried To Hide It’

Blake Shelton was named “People Magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive” last year, a title in which Shelton is embarrassed by. Many were furious over the magazines choice for picking Shelton and the country singer just laughed the title off and peoples comments. Since receiving that title the country singer seems to have it all going on for him but did the country star just find himself in hot water after something from his past was just discovered?

Everyone has a past and most are fortunate that their pasts can stay there and not come back to haunt them.

One Oklahoma mother just revealed what she discovered in her daughter’s textbook and that she is furious and embarrassed by what was found inside. Will her daughter be ok after what she found? The one-time teacher is coming forward to spread the news about why she is furious about what was discovered inside that textbook and what should happen because of it. Are her feelings justified or is she overreacting?

According to Fox News, An Oklahoma mother was appalled her seven-year-old daughter was using the same schoolbook country music star Blake Shelton once used in 1982.

Shelly Bryan Parker of Ada, Okla., the same town where Shelton, 41, grew up, posted a photo of her daughter Marley, ecstatically holding up a book “Look Away” that the singer also read in 1982.

Parker noted in her post that her daughter was “excited” about sharing the same book with Shelton but she was “embarrassed.”

“Marley is excited that her ‘new’ reader belonged to Blake Shelton, but I am embarrassed!!!!! I’m 40 and these people are my age!!! Thank you to every teacher/parent/support staffer/etc. for fighting for my kid’s education!!! Don’t give up until education is fully funded!!!!!” the mother wrote. She ended the post with a hashtag stating, “we still love Blake.”

Parker, a former teacher, told People she at first did not notice Shelton’s signature in the book but was astonished when she did see it.

“I said, ‘No, that can’t be,’” she said. “I can’t believe these books are so old. When I was in school, I wasn’t using books that were 40 years old.”

Parker explained Ada is a small place and “half the people in this town are related to him.”

When asked if she believed Shelton heard about her post, she said she thinks so.

“I’m sure he has. There are so many people that are related to him around here. He has a huge family,” Parker said.

Parker’s post comes amid the teachers strike in the state. Thousands of Oklahoma teachers, students, and their supporters staged massive demonstrations at the state Capitol in Oklahoma City. The teachers were fighting for better wages and school funding. Some teachers said they have not received a raise in 10 years.

“I feel like we’re going backward instead of forwards,” Parker said.

The mother said her daughter is overjoyed with having the same book the country music star once read.

“Everyone’s been teasing her about being famous,” Parker said. “It’s been kind of funny to see how she acts now that this thing has gone viral.”

Shelton, last year’s “People’s Sexiest Man Alive,” has not commented on the book.

This mothers feeling were justified after she discovered that her daughter was using the same textbook that she used over 30 years prior. Hopefully, this discovery will be eye-opening and help the teachers from Oklahoma’s voices to be heard and they can get some more recent textbooks. What is the craziest thing that you found in a textbook?


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