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Outspoken Conservative Actor James Woods Just Hit With Devastating News

The world-famous actor James Woods just got hit with some devastating news on the 4th of July. It came as unexpected as an unwanted pregnancy in the ghetto or trailer park and he had no idea this type of drama was about to rain down on him like a bad storm. He woke up like it was a normal day, but then he got some news from his agent. When you’re an actor and get a message from your agent, it’s usually some sort of communication that might suggest you’ve landed another job, but not that day! Woods got slammed with a message from his liberal agent, Ken Kaplan, saying he no longer wants to represent the actor. Talk about liberal lunacy in the land of the free and home of the brave.

Kaplan’s message made it seem like Woods politics were the issue. Woods is well known on Twitter for slaying liberals and cutting them down to size with scathing messages often laced in a double dose of reality and humor. Woods constantly finds himself retweeted by the masses as he shows he isn’t afraid to say what many are thinking. It might be Woods’ Twitter account and verbal freedom that scared Kaplan away. Kaplan, of course, sounds about as liberal as they come. That means he’s supposed to be tolerant and respect free speech, but once again, another liberal shows how intolerant they really are. Kaplan dropped a longtime client whose IMDB dates back to the early 70’s over a difference in politics. Sounds lame, right? That’s because it is.

“James Woods, the Oscar-nominated actor and outspoken Hollywood conservative, said late Wednesday that he has been dropped by his longtime talent agent, Ken Kaplan, over his politics.

The news was first revealed by the Emmy-winning actor himself on Twitter, who shared an email he said he received from Kaplan on Wednesday.

“It’s the 4th of July and I’m feeling patriotic. I don’t want to represent you anymore. I mean I could go on a rant but you know what I’d say,” said Kaplan, who Woods described as a “political liberal.”

Kaplan is a partner at the The Gersh Agency. Among his others clients are Hollywood stars like Winona Ryder and Kristen Stewart, according to IMDbPro.

The agent did not immediately respond to request for comment from TheWrap on Thursday.

Woods, famous for his roles in films like “Casino,” “Salvador” and “Videodrome,” is one of Hollywood most vocal conservatives and a supporter of President Donald Trump on Twitter. Woods also posted his own reply back to Kaplan.

“Dear Ken, I don’t actually,” said Woods. “I was thinking if you’re feeling patriotic, you would appreciate free speech and one’s right to think as an individual. Be that as it may, I want to thank you for all your hard work and devotion on my behalf. Be well.”

Despite once being a Hollywood A-lister, Woods has seen his career fall off dramatically in his elders years, a development he has attributed to being “blacklisted” for his conservative views.

The actor has also stirred controversy in the past for statements and opinions, like this one in which he appeared to call Florida Congresswoman Frederica Wilson a “saloon hooker.”

Woods bounced back with ease. He wished the little liberal Kaplan boy well and carried on about his day. Woods shared the moment with Twitter, much like he does with many things, and the responses in support of Woods were great. When it comes to Hollywood and talent, the people who mix politics with work are the same people no one wants to hear from anymore. The liberal sector in Hollywood has caused huge problems, thinks their opinion doesn’t stink, and they live in a bubble that’s slowly leaking air in the form of their ratings sinking during their pathetic “pat ourselves on the back” award shows.

The liberalness needs to leave Hollywood because those who follow that deranged mentality are causing ratings to continuously tank year after year.

Woods didn’t care that his agent was liberal. That was his agent’s choice to fall into whatever political agenda he felt was best fitting for himself. Woods was the tolerant one, the conservative, and the one who clearly made the good choice to take the high road and wish his former agent well.

If anyone is wondering, it’s the Republicans and conservatives who are the most welcoming and tolerant. The liberals are hateful, angry, and spiteful and it shows every day when they do intolerant things like dropping their agent or kick people out of restaurants.

Wake up and walk away from the Democrats.


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