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Parkland Victim Just Came Out Of Hiding, Shares Unthinkable She Was Forced To Do – ‘Hogg Didn’t Want It Out’

In the wake of the Parkland shooting, we have watched the media circus villainize the right and make heroes out of left-leaning kids. We have heard the stories of David Hogg and Emily Gonzalez, but there’s one you haven’t heard about. There’s a reason for that since it would change the political fate for Hogg who has become the face of this massacre without having experienced the real horror that his classmates did. It’s hard to take this ambitious boy seriously who is capitalizing on tragedy.

This students desire to live in the face of death defies politics. It defies the understanding of any person that hasn’t been in a life and death situation. It’s an incident that could have been stopped before it started, but to many things were warnings were ignored. Now, with all the attention on Hogg, something else that happened to a victim at the school has also been ignored. The spotlight seems to only be for him, but this girl deserves to be heard. She’s finally come out of hiding to share what she endured.

Remember as you read, there were sheriffs deputies there, but didn’t help.

According to Fox News, A Marjory Stoneman Douglas student on Saturday said that as one of the deadliest mass shootings in U.S. history unfolded at her high school nearly two months ago, she used a dead student’s body to shield herself from gunman Nikolas Cruz.

Aaliyah Eastmond, 16, said during a speech at a Harlem rally for Rev. Al Sharpton’s National Action Network that when she saw her “classmate slumped over, that’s when I realized, OK it’s real.

“I told myself that I need to look like I’m dead,” the junior said, according to the New York Post. “So the classmate in front of me, Nicholas Dworet, he fell over and when he fell over I just fell over with him, and then I went underneath his body and I laid there.”

Dworet, one of the shooting’s 17 victims, was a Stoneman Douglas senior who had recently earned himself a scholarship to join the University of Indianapolis swim team in the fall.

Eastmond joined Sharpton to announce a rally protesting gun violence, to take place June 2 outside of Trump Tower in Manhattan.

The teen said that 15 years ago she lost her uncle “to gun violence in Brooklyn,” and said: “So for it to happen to me, in my face, that just shows that change has to happen now.”

When 16-year-old Aalayah Eastmond went to school that day, she had no idea the horror she would face. It’s something most of us will never experience, but when it does tough decisions have to be made.  When she realized what was happening she made the decision to live and to have to do the unthinkable.

The sad thing is, maybe this could have been stopped faster, there was a school resource officer there, he was an armed Broward County Sheriff’s deputy there at the school, but outside taking cover. Other Broward County deputies showed up but still didn’t enter the school.

Another student hailed as a hero feels the same way, according to Fox News, A student who was gravely wounded after being shot five times while shielding classmates during the Florida high school shooting in February criticized the county sheriff and school superintendent Friday saying they failed the victims by not arresting the shooter before the massacre.

Anthony Borges, 15, a student at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Fla., was hailed a hero after he used his body to protect the lives of 20 others students after accused gunman Nikolas Cruz opened fire at the school on Feb. 14, 2018, killing 17 people.

He was released from the hospital Wednesday after suffering wounds to the lungs, abdomen and legs.

Borges’ attorney read a statement from the teen during a news conference criticizing Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel and Superintendent Robert Runcie for the massacre.  Borges, too weak to talk, sat silently in a wheelchair with his right leg propped up. His statement specifically attacked the Promise program, a school district and sheriff office initiative that allows students who commit minor crimes on campus to avoid arrest if they complete rehabilitation.

Runcie has said Cruz, a former Stoneman Douglas student, was never in the program, but Borges and his attorney, Alex Arreaza, said school and sheriff’s officials knew Cruz was dangerous.

It wasn’t until members of the Coral Springs Police Department showed up that the shooter fled. Aalayah may not share our political opinion, but she is a 16-year-old girl that was forced to do the unthinkable.

I think if Aalayah’s classmate Nicholas Dworet, knew that it was his life that saved hers, he would be very proud.



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